Howitt and Fison Papers


hw0157 Harper to Howitt 1901




A W Howitt EsqFinch StEast MalvernMelbourne

Sir At last meeting of LinneanSoc. of NSW, Mr J H Maiden handedme your series of questions as tosocial organisation of Kamilaroi tribe.I have made enquiries from theonly men I know whom I thoughtcapable of understanding + writing onthe subject - but without result.

However I would make a suggestion toyou. I can have it printed in itsentirety in a locally published journal"Science of Man" - the organ of the AnthropSoc of Aust, with an introductory noterequesting that all communications onthe matter be addressed to you in Victoria

[written on left top side of page]Replied to17/10/01(1) Have already written Science of Man(2) Shall I write to(a) Town + Country(b) [??]

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