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Fischer & Macdonald, Importers and Wholesale Grocers

Seattle, Wash. Ter. Mar 1st 1889

Mr W. R. Forrest City Clerk

Dear Sir

The following is a correct list of the members of Hyack Hose Co. Jos Colliers Jr. Geo H Preston B. Pelly W. [T?] [Sharke?] W. A. Hasbruck J B Kerr W B Stewart [J?] A Bell [F?] Hosgood J C Grasse L H Brayles C P [Daw?] A [J?] [Bisker?] W [T? J?] Preston Jas H Lewis W A Peters S H McIntire E B Downing J A Hatfield David Kellogg J B Hogg Everett Smith J D Lowman W R [Thorwell?] L C Gilman [F?] Merriweather [F?] W Clayton J [T?] Reddish

A J [Gaskin?] Secy. Hyack Hose Co.

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