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James Adam diary: 1857-1863 (Ms. Codex 1948)

p. 117

p. 117

Groom Mr Kian did so. Upon this the Captain said he could feel a horse's pulse as well as I could & that he would not ask my opinion. I replied that I considered it my duty to offer my opinion whether or not it was accepted as I had no power to enforce it, adding as I left that they would see the result of their treatment about 4 qts of blood had been taken when the horse fell down in a state of syncope. I recommended in case he should not rally readily to give a stimulant I saw him two or three times at night & found him weak the pulse quick & weak he could stand for some time but fell down occasionally.

Thursday June 24th. 1858

This morning after breakfast sent Compts. by Joe to ask for the loan of book on the Horse given me by Col. Apperly. I replied I would be very happy. I went down to my cabin to give it to Joe. I went to look at the horse as after

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