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The Domesday Book of Queen's University (Volume 2) 1900-1924




In 1923 the Trustees of the University decided that a continuation of Queen's Domesday Book should be written. The work of compilation was given to Dr. Malcolm Macgillivray; and he accordingly collected the material that has been transcribed in the following pages.

In 1934 the Librarian, E.C. Kyte, brought before the Library Curators the question of perpetuating in a second volume the manuscript material that Dr. Macgillivray had gathered. It was resolved to obtain a writer; and Mr. Hall, the father of a student, Oswald Hall, of Cecil, Saskatchewan, was asked to make up the book on the sheets provided. Mr. Hall died in the following year, having transcribed the material up to the year 1910-1911. The Library Curators then asked the Rev. Mr. Baldwin, of Kingston, to complete the work. This was done in May, 1936. Mr. Baldwin received $50.00 for his part of the transcription.

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