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Queen's University Senate Minute Book (Volume 2) 1855-1877





[margin] April 3d 1866 Prof Murray to deliver the Valedictory.

A. Jardine to deliver the valedictory for graduates.

Committee on Leitch Scholarship [/margin]

the Valedictory Address to the Students at the next convocation.

Mr Robert Jardine was appointed to deliver the Valedictory Address on behalf of the graduates.

Principal Snodgrass and Professor Murray were appointed a Committee to report on the Leitch Memorial Scholarship.

[margin] Fines to be paid [/margin]

It was agreed to announce to the Students on Thursday morning that one shall be allowed to appear at the ensuing University examination, who has not paid to the respective Professors the fines due by him for absence from class, and to the Secretary of Senatus the fines due for absence from prayers.

[margin] Money for prizes [/margin]

It was agreed to ask from the Trustees the same amounts for prizes as were appropriated for the present session.

[margin] order of Un. exams [/margin]

The arrangement in regard to the order of the University Examinations was agreed upon.

[margin] Theses to be examined [/margin]

The Theses for M.A. were given in, and were referred to be examined as follows: Mr. McLennan's to Professors Williamson & Murray, Mr. Fraser's to Prof. Murray and Mr. McKerras, Mr. Jardine's to the Principal and Prof. Mowat Mr. Edmison's to Professors Williamson & Murray.

[margin] Regulations for Un. Exams [/margin]

The Regulations for the University Examinations adopted ad interim last session, were read, and after some slight amendments were again adopted ad interim.

Closed with prayer.

W. Snodgrass, Principal J.B. Mowat, Secretary

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