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Queen's University Senate Minute Book (Volume 2) 1855-1877



183 1865-6

[margin] April 20th 1866

Univ. Exam passed by [/margin]

Faculty of Arts Third Year: David P. Niven Second Year: James A. McDowall with first class honours in Mathematical Natural

Philosophy Robert Campbell with first class honours in Logic, Mathematics, and Natural Philosophy. Alexander Nicholson with first class honours in Classics John Farquhar Bain William H. Fuller Morgan Lane John H. Nimmo W.J. Muckleston John M. Macdonnell

First Year, Robert Crawford with first class honours in Classics, Mathematics, and Rhetoric William Malloy with first class honours in Mathematics Irwin Stuart J. Oliver Mowat Hugh J. Macdonald J. Francis Fraser William R. Mulock Peter L. Livingston Archibald B. McLean

[margin] Scholarship to Crawford and McDowall [/margin]

On a review of the written examinations it was found that the Trustees Scholarship fell to be awarded to Robert Crawford, and the Foundation Scholarship to James A. McDowall.

Adjourned to meet on Monday at nine o'clock A.M. Closed with prayer.

J.B. Mowat, Secy W. Snodgrass, Principal __________________

Queen's University April 22d 1866

The Senatus met and was constituted.

Sederunt Principal Snodgrass, Professors Williamson, Murray, and Mowat.

The minutes of last meeting were read and

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