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Cartwright - the Chairman of the Board and Wm Harty Vice-chairman. Carried

Moved by R. V. Rogers and seconded by E.J.B. Pierce that A.P. Knight be Registrar of the College. (Carried) His duties shall be to collect fees, register names of students collect subscriptions, pay salaries of officials at stated times, conduct correspondence and write the minutes of the meetings of the Board Carried

Moved by A.P. Knight and seconded by R.V. Rogers that Dr Lavell be President and Dean of the Faculty of the Kingston Women's Medical College at a salary of Three Hundred dollars per annum and that his appointment be conditioned upon his giving his whole professional attention to the position Carried

Resolved that the following names be submitted to the Dean as those of gentlemen qualified to act Professors in the College and that the question of their appointment be reported on at the next meeting of the Board.

Dr. Sullivan, Dr Saunders, Dr Irwin, Dr Henderson Dr Garrett, Dr Phelan, Dr Beth

The board was of opinion that the three final students should all be appointed Demonstrators of Anatomy.

Resolved that the Vice-chairman. Dr Pense Dr. R.V. Rogers. Dr Gunn & Dr Kirkpatrick. & Sir Richard Cartwright be appointed a committee to wait upon the City Council at its next meeting and ask for the use of

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A meeting of the Trustees was held in the Womens Medical College on September 21 1891.

Present, The President in the Chair, Miss Gildersleeve, Messrs E Chown, EJB Pense & Knight

The minutes of the previous meetings were read and confirmed.

It was resolved that a ladder be obtained for the building.

Mr Chown agreed to see to it.

Miss Gildersleeve undertook to see Mrs Nickle and ask for a subscription. Mr Chown promised a subscription.

It was resolved that Mr Pense should take the Chair at the opening of the College.

It was resolved that a Committee of the lady Trustees, the lady professors and wives of Trustees & professors be a committee to arrange for the reception on the night of the 16th October, Miss Gildersleeve to be chair convene

Resolved that Drs Henderson & Melborne be requested to arrange for lectures on Clinical Medicine at the Hospital as the same terms as the doctors did last year.

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A Meeting of the Trustees of Womens Medical College was held in the College 28th September 1892 at 4 o'clock afternoon.

Present Messrs RV Rogers, Pense, E Chown, AM Horsey and Miss Gildersleeve.

A Committee consisting of Messrs Pense and Rogers to arrange for filling the Staff vacancies in the College caused by the death of Dr Henderson & the necessary changes and make appointments.

The Chairman reported womens auxiliary of the Church of England did not see their way to Purchase a Scholarship of $1000 dollars

The Treasurer was ordered to pay Accounts amounting to $221.52

Miss Gildersleeve and Mrs Folger to be a Committee to arrange for an entertainment at some of opening of lectures

That Miss Gildersleeve & Messrs Rogers & Pense be a Committee with power to act as to Caretaker

Mr Pense reported that no repairs of Cellar were pressing

The Meeting then adjourned.

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