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to the duties of the position.

Dr Lavell made an interim report upon the allotment of professorships but the appointments were referred to the next meeting of the Board. The Committee upon class-room accommodation reported that Ontario Hall was the only room in the city building suited for the purpose of a College and that the special committee delegated to the City Council ask for its use.

Adjourned till Tuesday July 24th at 8 P.M.

Sig. EJB Pense, Actg Secretary Sig. Wm Harty, Vice-Chairman

July 24th 1883

At the third Meeting there were present Wm Harty, Vice-Chairman, Hon. GA Kirkpatrick, EJB Pense, Mrs Dickson, Miss Gildersleeve

The minutes of the last meeting were read and adopted.

An offering of a $50.00 scholarship from Mrs D Trout was received and gratefully acknowledged.

Mrs Dickson and Miss Gildersleeve were requested to solicit subscriptions of two more scholarships in order to make Mrs Trout's available.

Dr Lavell reported in favor of the following appointments to the Faculty

Obstetrics & Diseases of W & C. - Dr M Lavell Surgery - Dr M Sullivan

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Anatomy - Dr C Irwin Materia Medica - Dr A.S. Oliver Theory & Practice of Medicine - Dr HJ Saunders Medical Jurisprudence & San. Science - Dr LM Fenwick Institutes Medicine & Histology - Vacant

Moved by Mr Kirkpatrick seconded by Mr Pense that Dr Lavell's recommendations be accepted and that the appointments be made accordingly at a salary of $150.00 per year for each full chair except that of Surgery which is to be at the rate of $200.00 so long as retained by Dr Sullivan Medical Jurisprudence to be a half chair at $75.00 per annum. Carried.

Dr Lavell and the Secretary were authorized to issue a prospectus for the opening in October and to order such advertising as is necessary.

It was announced that under an agreement by nearly the whole body of Aldermen, the Board would have the Ontario Hall and one room above placed at their disposal for five years under certain regulations and conditions.

Dr Lavell was requested to report upon the needs in the way of fittings and apparatus.

The meeting then adjourned.

H.J. Cartwright Chairman

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