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A Meeting of the Trustees of Womens Medical College was held immediately after the annual meeting of 2nd December 1886.

Present Miss Gildersleeve, Mrs Macnee, Mrs Dickson, EJB Pense, AP Knight, RV Rogers, and Wm Harty.

Moved by EJB Pense seconded by Dr AP Knight that Sir RJ Cartwright be chairman, carried. Moved by Dr AP Knight seconded by Mr EJB Pense, that Wm Harty Esq be Vice Chairman, carried.

Ordered that Miss Blaylock be Demonstrator

Ordered that the Dean & Mr Harty be a committee to make certain necessary repairs and improvements in the internal affairs of the College

Moved by AP Knight, seconded by Wm Harty that the Lady Trustees and Mr Pense, Mr Rogers, Mr Knight, and Mr Harty be a Committee to report upon the advisability of organizing a Dispensary for Women and Children in connection with the College

Ordered that the Vice Chairman and Treasurer be authorised to deposit the funds of the College in the Post Office or some other Bank than the Bank of B.N.A. if it is in their opinion desirable to do so. The meeting then adjourned.

R Vashon Rogers, Chairman pro tem

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