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read approved and signed.

The voting for the Trustees for the ensuing year resulted in the Election of the following, viz HA Calvin, Dr Lavell, Hon Geo A Kirkpatrick, JB Carruthers, Jas Swift, RV Rogers, EJB Pense, MA Folger, Dr Knight, E Chown Mrs Trout, Mrs Macnee, Mrs Dickson, Mr Hendry, Miss Gildersleeve

Moved by Miss Gildersleeve seconded by Mr Pense that the House and Lot on Union Street owned by Mr and Mrs HL Wilson be purchased for a College at the price not exceeding Five Thousand dollars ($5000) and that Two Thousand dollars ($2000) at once be placed to the credit of the President and Secretary as Trustees for the Purchase, carried unanimously

Resolved that Mr Pense, Dr Knight, and Dr Lavell be requested to convene a meeting of the faculty at the 22nd of March and endeavour to arrange for payment of Salaries half cash & half stock for session just closed. The meeting then adjourned.

R Vashon Rogers Chairman

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The annual meeting of the shareholders of the Womens Medical College was held in the College Buildings pursuant to adjournment on 28 April /92 at 4 P.M.

Present Messrs Rogers, Pense, Horsey, Drs Dupuis & Knight & Miss Gildersleeve.

The minutes of last annual meeting were read & approved. The Annual Financial Statement was read showing a balance of $126.00 to 30 June 1891.

The balance on hand for 1892 to date was $636.00 with interest of 288.00 & Janitors salary 75.00 list of running expenses yet to be paid to date making about $570.00 due in all to be paid to date.

The Election of Trustees was then proceeded with & the following were elected Messrs Geo A Kirkpatrick, RM Horsey, JB Carruthers, Jas Swift, Principal Grant, Edwin Chown, RV Rogers, EJB Pense, AP Knight, Dr JK Trout, Mrs HA Calvin, Mrs Dickson, Mrs BM Folger, Mrs J Hendry, & Miss Gildersleeve. The meeting then adjourned.

EJB Pense V. Chairman

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Board of Directors .
Rev Burton Smith EJB Pense
RM Horsey AP Knight
JB Carruthers Dr Jimmi K Trout
James Swift Mr HA Cabin
Principal Grant Mrs Dickson
Edwin Chown Mrs BM Folger
RV Rogers Mr J Hendry
Miss Gildersleeve
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