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The eight Annual Meeting of the Subscribers to the Funds of Womens Medical College was held in the City Council Chambers at 4 oclock afternoon on 11th December 1890.

There were present the following Subscribers RV Rogers, EJB Pense, JB Carruthers, Dr Knight, Mrs Hendry and Miss Gildersleeve.

The minutes of last Annual Meeting were read approved and signed.

Mr Pense presented the report of Committee appointed to arrange with the Faculty for future services. It was adopted and ordered to entered on the Minutes.

The Treasurers yearly Statement was read for year ending 31st May 1890 showing a balance on hand on that date of $201.41. A Statement was also read of Receipts & Disbursements from 1 June to 10 Dec 1890 showing a balance on hand of $412.84.

The following accounts were passed and ordered to be paid.

A Williamson amount $16.55 Spence & Crumley " 4.05 AM Horsey & Co " 1.53 Thos Hayward " 4.50 McKelvey and Brock " 1.50 Chown and Mitchell " 16.46 Henry Wade " 1.76 WJ Wilson " 1.48 J Swift & Co " 27.50 [total] 75.33


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