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September 24th 1894

A special meeting of shareholders called by advertisement in the Whig was held this day at the College building at 4.00 P.M.

Present Chairman Penn, RV Rogers, Principal Grant, Miss Gildersleeve, Mrs Dickson, Mrs Smith, AP Knight.

There were present also by invitation ladies, who were members of the Children Aids Society of Kingston

Stockholders or their proxies amounting to 1157.00 shares were present out of a total of 1468 shares issued.

A statement of liabilities was submitted amounting to about $3900.xx as follows:

Mortgage on building $2400.00 Interest to date about 490.00 Brick & Booth coal 43.55 Daily Whig 165.55 Richmond & Co 4.84 Miss Jennie Drenan Scholar 30.00 CC Mitchell drugs &c. 3.15 Daily News. 1.05 Queen's Quarterly 5.00 McKelvey & Birch 16.02

Salaries Dr Sullivan $100.xx Dr TM Fenwick 175.00 Dr Livingston. 75.00 Dr Phelan 75.00 Dr Campbell 75.00 Dr Smith Shortt 50.00 Dr McConville 50.00

other small a/cs unrendered

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