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Mr. President:

Your Committee on Ordinance to whom was referred a petition for the vacation of Lake Avenue

Beg leave to respectfully report adversely on said petition

A Clapue 3-6-93

J. F. Brewer Chairman L. Miller Committee

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April 4th 1892

We think that it is necessary That said street should be planked on the west side with 20 foot plank, on or by the first day of November 1892. but is not needed now.

H. C. Ingram T. M. Daulton L. Miller

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Seattle, Washington, March 28, 1895.

To the Honorable,

L. Miller, A. Anderson, J. F. Brewer, H.R. Clise, H.F. Compton, T. M. Daulton, J. E. Jordan, M. W. Lovejoy and J. P. Sweeney.

Members of the Board of Aldermen, City of Seattle.


You, and each of you are herby notified that you have been called to meet in your Council Chambers in the City Hall, in the City of Seattle, Friday, March 29, 1895, at 4 o'clock P.M., for the purpose of considering Ordinances relating to the duties and compensation of City officials and employees.

Yours respecfully,

Byron Phelps Mayor.

Attest: R.F. Stewart City Clerk.

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