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Saturday, March 16, 1918

Saturday, March 16, 1918

A cool cloudy day.

Ben carried me to Renan this morning. I staid with Charles nearly all day. He is very bad off yet. Mag had quite crow[d] to day for dinner Miss Alice Wooding Mrs Duckey Kellie Mrs Sallie Strance.

A mink caugh one of my hens that was setting.

Josie killed a chicken and baked a cake.

Miss Mayhan and Virginia come here a while.

9 oclock

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Friday, March 29, 1918

Friday, March 29, 1918

A clear cool day.

A mink killed a hen here this morning. Ben called the Edmons boys and they killed the mink. I have had four hens killed lately and lost two settins of eggs.

Josie fixed up her furniture today. I worked a little in the garden this evening and went to Carries a while. Ben built a shelter for the hogs to day.

9 oclock

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Wednesday, November  6, 1918

Wednesday, November 6, 1918

A good day. Ben and Mr Owen went to Gretna and solde their tobacco. It solde very well. They got home a while after twelve eat dinner then went to the saw mill and got a load of lumber.

Marvin and Carrie went to Altavista this evening. Mr Mayhew and Rena went with them also Virginia Harvey.

Josie went up there and kept the children. They left Hazel at home. Josie says that they done fine. I went up to Marvins a little while then come home. Henry come with me. We shucked corn enough to feed on to night and in the morning. Ben has gone up to Marvins to help hunt a mink that killed a chicken this morning.

8 oclock

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