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Saturday September  3, 1921

Saturday September 3, 1921

A hot dry day. Ben fired on his tobacco all day. Jim and Henry suckered tobacco until dinner.

Josie staid at the barn while Ben carried Jim to Gretna. Ben brought Elsie East & Effie Brumfield home from Gretna. Oscar Brumfield carried his mother and Hugh and Aubra Brumfield and Ralph East to White Falls. We caught several fish. Jim Thomson was there with his car. He brought us part the way home and I was glad that he did.

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Wednesday October 12, 1921

Wednesday October 12, 1921

A clear cool day. Ben & Jim filled up the pit at the barn. It was very hard job. The land is so dry. Josie washed. I got dinner and churned.

This evening I went to Marvins. Kate Harvey was there. Mrs Edmons and Mrs Hutcherson come to see Carrie and baby. Marvin and the children come home while I was there. Marvin had bin to Gretna.

I think there will be frost tonight.

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Wednesday October 19, 1921

Wednesday October 19, 1921

A good day. Ben rolled his wheat land today. Jim stripped tobacco. Josie has bin up most of the day but is feeling bad from her teeth being pulled. I went to Marvins this evening. Kate Harvey come. I was glad.

Martha Miller made some soap for us today. We were glad to get her to make it. Hazel and Eva stayed here while Martha was makeing soap.

Heard today that Dodson Bailiss had to carrie one of his children to the hospitle.

Jim & Ben went to the barn tonight to strip tobacco.

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Thursday October 27, 1921

Thursday October 27, 1921

A good day. Somewhat cloudy but no rain. Ben went to Gretna to help Marvin finish sowing wheat. They got done and he got home a bout dark. Jim stripped tobacco. They are at the barn now tying tobacco.

Josie has bin up all day. Helped to got dinner.

I went to Ren Worshams. Isla & Cordie was there. I enjoyed my visit very much. Ren come to the house. He was very friendly. They Ren & and Ethel are well fixed for a liveing and have a nice family of children. I hope for them to do well.

I walked to Rens. Am afraid I wont be able to do that long.

8 oclock

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Thursday, February  9, 1922

Thursday, February 9, 1922

A bad day. Snowed some. Ben & Jim did not work any this morning. This evening Ben & Jim went to Gretna in the car. They got stalled on the hill between here and the barn. Made the ballance of the way OK. Ben got home before dark. Josie had a letter from Carrie today. We are so glad to hear from them. We heard to day that Smith the Banker had left Gretna. We are very sorrie for that. Josie milked to night. I got supper. The children & Ben are playing carrum. I think they know their lessons. Mabel is up yet.

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