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Sunday, January 26, 1919

Sunday, January 26, 1919

A good day. We had a hard rain last night. Jim & Nellie and Reubin Reynolds and Evylin Brumfield they went to Strait Stone to preaching and and come here for dinner. I am so glad that they come. Nellie & Josie went to see Carrie this evening. Jim went to Marvins. Mr Dews and his boys and Mayhew & Scruggs and Owen all come this evening and played croquet. Evylin played for us this evening. Josie is very much complain. She has a head ache.

10: oclock

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Sunday, March 16, 1919

Sunday, March 16, 1919

A cloudy day. No rain.

Ben went to Cedar Forest this morning to meet Josie. She staid at Altavista last night on her way from W Va. I think she had a good time and was glad to get home. The children was so glad to see her and all the rest of us was glad. There has not bin much traveling as the roads is so bad.

I went to Marvins a few minutes this evening. Carrie was complaining of the head ache. Hope she will be well soon.


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Sunday, August 24, 1919

Sunday, August 24, 1919

A good day. The men staid at home all day. Mr. Owen was fireing tobacco. Jim & Ben helped him some. They are at the barn now.

Nellie & Evylin and Edna and Franklin went to Mr Ned Walkers this morning. Josie and I got dinner this evening. Marvin & the little children and Paul Bennett come a wile.

Edna is complaining of head ache tonight. I hope she may soon be well a gain. Henry went to Ren Worshams this evening. Reese went to Dr Owens.

Heard today that Ann Layne is very sick.

10:30 oclock

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Tuesday, November  4, 1919

Tuesday, November 4, 1919

A good day. Did not see Alma today. Effie had company to day, a Mrs Lavender. She had a nice dinner. Served it in three courses. William had a head ache last night and was sick this morning. Could not go to school. He was better this evening. William, Cordie, and I went to Windensburg [?] Pond. We saw the prettiest flowers over there. Great beds of cannas in bloom. We walked over there and come back on the street car.

Will & Jack Harvey are talking a bout their dr books. It is dry stuff to me.

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Thursday August  4, 1921

Thursday August 4, 1921

A good day. The boys worked in the tobacco all day. I got dinner. Josie killed two chickens and baked pies. Today is Mrs Cars birth day. She is 67 years olde. Josie went to the grove to the meeting. Oscar Brumfield carried her. His mother & aunt went with him.

A Mr Roberson & Mr Hutcherson come here to see Mrs Car. She wants to sell her land. Josie come home with the sick head ache. I got supper. I think she had a fine time to day.

Mrs Car churned and washed dishes for me.

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