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Tuesday November  1, 1921

Tuesday November 1, 1921

A cloudy day. No rain today. The land is good we for the first time in a bout five months.

The boys stripped tobacco. They finished a cureing for Jim.

Ben has bin complaining all day of head ache.

Marvin went to Gretna with tobacco. It solde very well. The children went to school. I killed and dressed an opossome. The first one that I ever killed.

Josie helped move a cureing of tobacco. Mrs Car shelled peas. We sent to Otho Blairs and got two pounds of butter. Paid 35 cts a pound. That is the first that we have bought this year.

This writing was done at three oclock Nov the 2nd. I forgot to write last night.

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Friday November  4, 1921

Friday November 4, 1921

A good day. Jim went to Chatham. Ben carried him. He carried several things. I went with him. We got home a little after dark. I did not go in a store. We did not have time. Henry & Franklin went to school. Today is Otho Blairs birth day. I have thought of many things that happened that day and of the people that was liveing them that have passed a way. Preacher Damron [?] staid at our house the night before Otho was born. He is dead. Henry Henry Brumfield & Dr Wooding are both gone and all have to go soon. Mrs Car is here with us yet I am glad for her to be here anytime she will. Josie has bin busy all day and has a head ache tonight. I have not seen Kate in a long time until this evening.

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Thursday, January 18, 1923

Thursday, January 18, 1923

A colde windy day. Ben loaded his tobacco on the waggon this morning and started for Gretna this evening. Intends to stay at Marvin's tonight. I hope it will not rain while he is gone. Nellie ironed some this morning. I got dinner and churned. Mr. McEray ?? come here this morning. Mrs Carr did not come down stairs until twelve o'clock. She had a head ache. The children went to school. I am so near asleep that I can't write.

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Saturday, January 27, 1923

Saturday, January 27, 1923

A bad day. Cloudy and raining tonight. Ben painted some today. Jim come from Gretna today. He staid with Marvin last night. He went to Chatham yesterday. Nellie and I got dinner today. Letia Ward brought the clothes home today. Heard from Alice Thomson tonight. She is very sick. Ben and the children are in the dining room playing games. Mrs Carr is some better of the headache today I think. She wants to go home tomorrow. Hope it may be so that she can go.

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