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Condolence letters on the death of Anna Lathrop Hewes, 1892

Untitled Page 11

Untitled Page 11

[Typeset] Golden Gate Kindergarten Association {graphic} and Free Normal Training School, Mrs. Sarah B. Cooper, President, 1902 Vallejo Street. [Typeset]

[Righthand side][Typeset] San Francisco, Cal. [Typeset] Aug. 30th 1892

My dear Mrs. Stanford:-

I am anxious about you and your dear ones, as I read the foreign dispatches, and note the rapid spread of cholera. I hope you will come home before any quarantine laws shut you out. You are very dear to my heart. Every day Hattie and I talk of you_ and I ask the dear Lord to hide you in his pavilion.

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Condolence letters re: death of Leland Stanford: Co - Cu includes Anna Ewing Cochran, Michael Conlan, Cyrus Cooper, Sara B. Cooper, G.H. Corey, Dot Covert, Ethel Sperry Crocker, George Crocker, Julia A. Crocker, and Mary Crocker

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Untitled Page 23

with the parents and other loved ones -Oh, we shall understand soon, that it is all one world that we are separated only by conditions of being - not by distance. I am glad that these things are all so real to you. We feel the breezes from that sweet Land - We feel the light touch of angel - wings - We know that only a thin veil separates this actual daily life from the spiritual world. Your precious husband will reveal himself to you and he will work with you, day by day. Not far away - not far away, my beloved friend, but never so near; never so dear; never so loving as now. Why was I not permitted to be at your side, in this hour of bitter sorrow? But Jesus - your soul's dearest hope and strength will be you Everlasting Joy. My tears and prayers are with you.

Mrs. Ten Eyck, Miss [Doris?], Mrs. Dr. Long, Mrs. Boardman, and many others have joined me in prayers to the dear Father for you this morning. Darling Nettie and I write in tenderest love and deepest sympathy.

Ever most Aff'y & Gratefully

Mrs Sarah B Cooper

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