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A cookery book with index, containing recipes for preserves, cakes, wines, and household remedies [manuscript], 1694

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The Index Red gingerbread in pg 1st Fruit Bistkett's in pg 1st White Cakes in pg 2nd The Lady Bethells Cake pg 2nd The Light Balls - in pg 3rd The Lady North: marchpane in pg 3rd The Boyle Cakes in pg 4th Queen Cakes in pg 4th Seed Cakes in pg 4th The Lady Bridgwaters Cake pg 6th Sugar Cakes in pg 5th Mackrounes in pg 5th Bisketts in pg 5th A Plum Cake in pg 7th Queen Eliz Cake in pg 8th A seed cake in pg 9th To make Cracknalls in pg 9th Red Ginger Bread An }10th Other way in pg The Lady Strouds Cake pg 11th Corren Berry Wine in pg 12th To make Meed in pg 12th Gousberry Wine in pg 13th Elderberry Wine in pg 13th Chockolate in pg 14th Poppy Brandy in pg 14th Aqua mirabolis in pg 14th Cowslip Wine in pg 15th To make meed in pg 15th || The Index To Presarve Jelly } in pg 18th of Rasp's Jelly of Rasps an other way pg 18th Jelly of curran berryes pg 18th Jelly of Sheep feet in pg 19th Jelly of Cream in pg 19th White Lesh in pg - 21st Lesh of divers colors pg 21st White Jelly in pg 20th To make a Cream } with ye dresing of Snow pg 21st Leomon Cream in pg 22nd Buttered Oringes pg 22nd Almond Butter in pg 23rd Butter'd Oringes pg 23rd White Lesh in pg 24th Sweet Water pg - 24th A Sack Posett pg 24th A Tansey - in pg 25th A Cream Cheese pg 25th French Pufs - pg 26th A Sillebub - 26 th A Crudo Puding pg 26th A Dish of Pudings pg 26th A Shakeing Pudin pg 27th A Plane Pudin pg 27th 2 Doz Rise Pudings pg 27th To Towr Apricock's pg 28th To Towr Apricocks 28th To Dry Peares pg 28th To dry Grapes pg 29th

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8 How to Make Queen Eliz excellent Cake Take A quarter of A Peck of ye finest Floure you can gett A Pint of Cream 2 yolks of Eggs without ye whits well beaten 3 quarter's of A Pound of Butter gentlely melted and Poured on the floure 1 pint of good Ale yest Strained and halfe A quarter of A Pint of Rose water with some musk or Ambergrease desolved in it season All these with A Pennyworth of mace and cloves A little nutmegg all finely beaten with a Little salt A pound and a half of ye best carran's well Piked And washed in warme water A Pound of ye Best Raysons of ye sune Stoaned and shredd small halfe A Pound of Almonds blanched and beaten very fine with A Little Rose Water for fear of Oyleing halfe A Pound of fine Sugar beaten small first mingle yn Knead all these things Exceeding well togeather, then lett them lie A full houre in the dough, and when ye oven is Ready make up ye cake lett not ye oven be too Hott shutt not the mouth close but stir ye cake now and then that it may bake all a like lett it not Stand A full Houre in the oven; against you draw it you must have ready some Rose water and fine white sugar beaten together in A Porringer untill it be very thick then with A little Brush or tuft wett ye upper side of the Cake all over and sett it into ye Oven to dry. Observe these directions in ye mingleing Kneading and Bakeing

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