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2 JOURNAL OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE Oct 7, 1881 Following, to wit:

City Fund E S Osborne Clerks Salary $68.39 J. M. Hall Attys salary 83.33 J. H. McGraw Chief of Police salary 100.00 D. L. McCowan Policeman 90.00 J. H. Wooley Policeman 90.00 S. F. Coombs J. P.'s salary 16.40 F. H. Whitworth Surveyors Salary $12.50 Survey of lot 213.16$ 17.50 Shorey & Atkins Water 6.00 Stewart & Ebersold Job Printing 41.75 Davis, Woodruff & Co Stationery 7.95 W H. Pumphrey Stationery 11.75 Chas McDonald Plate on Jail Window 2.50 James M. Conway Cleaning Jail 2.00 J T Jordan Labor of self & others (Garfield Memorial 20.00 F. W. Wusthoff Powder for Garfield memorial 50.50 Frank Seidel Firing Salute Garfield Memorial 26.00 Schwabacher Bros & Co Drapery etc Garfield memorial 23.87 Boyd & Poncin Crape for Garfield memorial 4.15 Prof. Lee Services on Garfield memorial 3.00 John L. Kahaley Policeman Garfield memorial 2.50 James Dunham Policeman Garfield memorial 2.50 John J. Seerley Hurse at Pest House 120.00 Robt Abrams Team To Pest House 5.00 James M. Conway Trips to Pest House 24.00 ]]Schwabacher Bros & Co]] Clothing for Small Pox patient 19.50 Ohelane & Olstad meat & vegetables for Pest House 10.17 D. A. Jennings Groceries for Pest House 18.21 A. W. Piper Bread for Pest House 3.85 Waddell & Miles Stove Grate Etc for Pest House 1.25

Road Fund

R.H. Calligan Street labor $98.50 Prisoner's Board $24.50 use of horse $9. $132.00 James Campbell Street labor 47.00 Luther Alber Street labor 45.00 Thomas Rock Street labor 8.00

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