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Protest To the Honorable Board of Aldermen: Gentlemen:We the undersigned tax payers of Seattle do most seriously protest against granteding the petition now before you to donate eight feet of the alley in Block 27 Boren's Addition, to a corporation which desires to use same for its own, and not for the public benefit, for should th epublic desire admission to this theater, they will be sure to have to pay the going price. If a theater is built on this block this alley should be kept open both as a place of exit for panic stricken audiences, and the operation of the Fire Department in case of need, it being impossible to handle such apparatus on the steep street abutting. This same corporation has agreed to pay Judge Lewis $500.00 per front foot for his land, and then comes and asks the city to donate eight (8) feet for nothing, altho the same eight (8') feet is well worth the $4000.00 We notice that when the City arranged with Mr Lowman for a part of Front Street, a ery handsome sum ws paid. We therfore again enter our most serious protect to the granting of said petition

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