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Scholarship, Leland Stanford, Jr., legal documents

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Leland Stanford Jr. University

office of the

Treasurer and Business Manager

Stanford University, Calif Sept. 10, '07

Dr. D. S. Jordan,

Stanford University, Cal.

Dear Sir:-

I enclose herewith a copy of the Declaration of Trust creating the Leland Stanford Junior Scholarship.

Yours truly,

Chas. G. Lathrop, Manager

Per Beebe


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That I, Jane L. Stanford, widow of Leland Stanford, deceased, of Palo Alto, County of Santa Clara, State of California, do hereby create and establish a Scholarship at the Leland Stanford Junior University, situated at Palo Alto, County of Santa Clara, State of California, upon the following terms and conditions, that is to say:


The said Scholarship shall, in memory of my beloved son, be known, as and called the ''LELAND STANFORD JUNIOR MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP".


For the support of such Scholarship, I have given in trust to the Union Trust Company of San Francisco, a corporation, the following personal property, that is to say:

Six (6) first mortgage five per cent. bonds of the Galveston, Harrisburg & San Antonio Railway Company of Texas, (Mexican & Pacific Extension), Numbers 535 to 540, both inclusive, principal due 1931, interest payable May 1st and November 1st of each year, coupons 39 to 100, both inclusive, attached, said bonds being of the par value of one thousand dollars each; the net income, interest and revenue from which said Trust property said Union Trust Company of San Francisco is to pay over, for the support of said Scholarship, in the manner provided in a certain instrument of even date herewith transferring to it, said Union Trust Company of San Francisco, the said personal property, in trust for purposes designated. The funds with which said bonds were purchased are the savings and earnings of my beloved son from an early date until he passed away on May 14th, 1884, and what I have added in order to make the fund sufficient to establish the Scholarship.

This Scholarship originated in my mind as a fitting and sacred disposal of my dear son's little sum, which he had deposited with the Security Savings Bank, San Francisco, and in accordance with his expressed wish to his father only a few hours before he passed away from his life, which was to this effect -- "live for humanity's sake; live to feed the hungry, clothe the naked.'' His father concluded that the best way to do this was to educate the sons and daughters of the very poor, who otherwise would

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Ross Affair: Notebook containing D. S. Jordan's statement with exhibits and ptd. report of Committee of Economists

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Untitled Page 41


Exhibit "P".

The University of Nebraska


Dear Sir:

I wish to bring to the attention of my former colleagues a matter of fact touching my honor.

Many seem to have the impression that in 1897 I allowed my footing in the University to be changed. I wish therefore to state distinctly that I never accepted a peculiar, irregular or probational status in Leland Stanford Junior University.

The contrary impression appears to arise from a document dated April 3, 1897 which is addressed to me and is in the form of a reappointment for 1897-8 and a leave of absence on half pay for 1898-9, but attaches the condition that I am to hand in at once my resignation as Professor of Sociology the same to be ultimately accepted by the President if the best interests of the University should seem to require it.

Surely, in showing document as evidence of my probational status, the University authorities must have forgotten that it is now in their hands because I promptly returned it to the President with the statement that I was unwilling to comply with its terms. They overlook the fact that I never wrote the resignation it called for and that in consequence of my protest the document was revoked and I received on April 8, 1897 a reappointment absolutely without conditions.

Very respectfully yours,

Signed, E.A. Ross. (Copy)

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Untitled Page 50

Report of the Committee of Economists on the Dismissal of Professor Ross from Leland Stanford Junior University

The committee appointed at the meeting of the economists in Detroit, December 28, 1990, to enquire into the causes of the dismissal of Professor Ross from Leland Stanford University, have earnestly endeavored to learn the fact of the case. In addition to a careful examination of the statements made in the newspapers, we have asked Professor Jordan for a full and frank statement of the causes which led to Professor Ross's removal, and have obtained the replies printed in the appendix, in which Professor Jordan declines to give specific information in regard to them. We have also in our possession copies of letters bearing upon this case from various persons, including letters from Professor Ross, as well as from President Jordan, not only to Professor Ross, but also to others.

The following facts are, we believe, undisputed:

It is customary for professors in the Leland Stanford University to be reappointed early in May of each year. Professor Ross failed to receive his annual reappointment early in May, 1900. He was, however, reappointed on June 2. On June 5, he handed to President Jordan his resignation as follows:

''Dear Dr. Jordan: - I was sorry to learn from you a fortnight ago that Mrs. Stanford does not approve of me as an economist, and does not want me to remain here. It was a pleasure, however, to learn at the same time of the unqualified terms in which you had expressed to her your opinion of the work and your complete confidence in me as a teacher, a scientist and a man.

While I appreciate the steadfast support you have given me, I am unwilling to become a cause of worry to Mrs. Stanford or of embarrassment to you. I, therefore, beg leave to offer my resignation as professor of sociology, the same to take effect at the close of the academic year, 1900-1901.''

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