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Correspondence (outgoing), 1900 Apr

Untitled Page 13

Untitled Page 13

[APR. 1900]

Gen T. H. Hubbard & George Crocker Mills building.

Mr C. P. Huntington and I are willing for [N. sic] N. T. Smith be elected Treasurer of the P. I. Co. if you agree instruct your representative here accordingly.

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Correspondence (incoming): Stanford, Helen (Mrs. Josiah Stanford), 1892-1895

Untitled Page 18

Untitled Page 18

of nerve and vigorous in health for all that lies before you to accomplish.

I know you must keep on, and I am consoled when I think of all your good counsellors - Uncle Leland's tried and trusted men. Capt. Smith, Mr. Gage Judge Spencer, and your brother Charles so devoted and capable, and Mr. Nash so kind and true. I hope you will be very considerate of yourself and save your strength for great affairs and

[right side]

let others attend to details. I hope I am unduly anxious on your account - but you looked worn and nervous yesterday and I have wished you could be here to day for entire rest. And let us give you love and affection - I hope you sleep early and late - I pray that strength and wisdom and hope and courage may abide with you to the end.

Lovingly yours,


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Memorials, 1905

Untitled Page 275

Untitled Page 275

Pall bearers Immediate
S. F. Leib
Dr. Jordan (D. S.)
D. O. Mills Millbrae
Hon. Whitelaw Reid Millbrae
Capt. Nicholas T. Smith Treas. S.P. Co 532 Market
D. W. Earl city directory 2121 Laguna St. S.F.
Dr. Wm. R. Cluness Med. Dir. Pac. Mut. Life Ins. Co. N.E. Cor. Montgomery & Sacto.
Jas. Carolan 1714 Calif. St.
Louis S. Beedy alumnus 2304 Divisadero St. S.F.
Geo. E. Crothers 32-34 Mills Bldg. S.F.
Timothy Hopkins 27 Mills Bldg.
Joseph D. Grant 2200 Broadway
Geo. E. Gray
Hon. Judge McFarland (Thos. B.) 1738 Washington St. Merchants Ex. Bldg.
T. H. Goodman Gen. Pass. Agt. S.P. Co
Hon. Gov. Geo C. Pardee (Geo. C.) Sacramento
John Garber 305 Sansome St. S.F.
W. Babcock S.J.
C. P. Eells
Hon. W. H. Beatty 2409 Octavia St.
Russell J. Wilson
(2 Student Body) {Pres & V. P.}
Arthur M. Dibble S.U.
Alfred L. Trowbridge S.U.
Wm H. Crocker 1150 Calif. St.
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