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Letters of Condolence on death of Jane Stanford, 1905

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Mills College P. O., Cal., March 20, 1905.

At a meeting of the Faculty and students of Mills College, the following resolutions were adopted:--

Whereas, In the providence of God, Mrs. Jane L. Stanford has been suddenly removed by death from the scene of her beneficent labors; and

Whereas, It is our desire to express our appreciation of her sterling worth, and our admiration for the great work she has accomplished; Therefore be it

Resolved:-- That we record our profound regret that her life has been cut short, in the midst of her abundant labors for the upbuilding of a great University, which, however, established upon a sure foundation, will ever be a monument and an honor to herself, to her husband, and to their beloved son.

Resolved:-- That we honor her memory, and rejoice in the fact that her noble traits of character will never be forgotten in the State to which she has given so much, both in example and in material advancement.

Resolved:-- That we tender to the Faculty and students of the Leland Stanford Junior University our heartfelt sympathy, and express to them our cordial wish that the aims of the Founders of that noble institution may be fully realized.

Susan Lincoln Mills

In behalf of the Faculty and students of Mills College.

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