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Condolence letters re: death of Leland Stanford: Wh - Z includes Andrew D. White, Ann Eliza White, Stephen M. White (Tel.), Geo. H. Whitlock, Blanche Whitwell, H.I. Willey, Emily J. Wilson, amd Ellen T. Windom

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Lirio Hall

Palo Alto. June 29, 1893

My dear Mrs Stanford.

You have received many letters of condolence, and many words of sympathy, but I cannot refrain from adding a few words to let you know how sincerely I feel for you, having myself passed through the same fiery ordeal. I think of you a great deal, reremembering you in my prayers that you may receive the same Consolation and Strength, that comforted and supported me, in my sad hours of lonliness [sic], known only to those who have felt it. I know I am

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