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434 JOURNAL OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE Feb 14/84 ordered, but the same is hereby reconsidered. Ordered that said petition of H. E. Norwold et al be referred to Comtee on Licenses. From Chamber of Commerce thanking the Council for tendering the use of Council Chamber for meetings. Ordered filed. A notice of protest from James M. Colman against the Improvement done on Columbia Street & protesting against his individual assessment presented. Ordered that the vote by which the application of Margaret Sullivan for a licernse was rejected be & is hereby reconsidered. Applications for Licenses Ordered that licenses be issued as follows, towit; S. Baxter for Wholesale for 6 months from Feb. 10 Geo Nadeau for Retail for 3 months from Feb. 10 Margaret Sullivan for Grocery for 3 months from Feb. 15 Fredrick Lendin for Retail for 3 months from Feb. 20 Cowles & Foster for Retail for 3 months from Feb. 12 Schwabacher Bros & Co for Wholesale for 6 months from Feb. 9 O'Shea & Parent for Retail for 3 months from Feb. 13 S. A. Scullin for Retail for 3 months from Feb. 11 And now the Resolutions adopted by the Chamber of Commerce relative to the forfeiture of the unearned land grant of the Northern Pacific R. R. Co are presented & read; after due consideration it is ordered that the said Resolutions be approved & that the Clerk be & is hereby instructed to spread said Resolutions at large in this Journal Said Resolutions read as follows, towit: Whereas the original object and purpose of the creation of the Northern Pacific Railroad Company, and the grant of lands thereto by the Congress of the United States, was to aid in the building of a continuous line of railroad from Lake Superior to Puget Sound, with a branch via the valley of the Columbia River to Portland to promote the public interest and welfare; And Whereas, the said Company with the aid so granted during the past three years, by the extraordinary and untiring efforts of its late President Henry Villard so far Completed said road to the West [?] [?] in connection from Portland to Lake Superior, and [?]

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