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Condolence letters re: death of Leland Stanford: Mad- Men includes Jerome Madden, O.B. Mahone, and Margaretta Manning

Untitled Page 21

Untitled Page 21

[right side]

Sept 5th/93


Los Gatos P.O.


July 12. 1893.

Dear Mrs. Stanford,

Please pardon me for intruding at this time, but I only wish to tell you how very much I sympathize with you in your sad trouble.

I enjoyed the privileges of the University for one brief, happy year, so I feel a personal interest in everything that touches you, to whom we are so greatly indebted, and to whom we can return little else but loving sympathy and gratitude.

[left side]

He would have thee fondly nestling Closer to His loving breast, He would have that world seem brighter Where alone is perfect rest.

"Though His wise and loving purpose Clearly now thou mayst not see, Still believe with faith unshaken All shall work for good to thee, Therefore when thy way seems darkest, And thine eyes with tears are dim, Straight to God thy Father hastening, Tell thy sorrows unto Him."

By and by all will be brightness and joy, when we see "the King in His beauty," and when we rest from all our earthly trials, and never more be separated from our loved ones.

That the dear Lord may comfort and strengthen you with the love wherewith He comforteth His own, and bless you very abundantly, is the earnest prayer of

Yours with tender sympathy.

Henrietta H. Martin.

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