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Condolence letters re: death of Leland Stanford: Ga - Gw includes Julia R. Garniss, Grace H. Gilmor, George Goddard, Sarah Vail Gould, Julia D. Grant (Tel.), U.S. Grant, Jr., Anna Guthridge, and Wm. M. Gwin

Untitled Page 45

Untitled Page 45

Nevada Block.

San Francisco June 23' 1893

Dear Mrs Stanford.

Of course I do not conceive that any word of mine can alleviate the sorrow that Heaven alone can cure, but as I will be unable to attend the funeral tomorrow I thought it might be proper to assure you of the deep sympathy of my family and self for you irreparable loss.

I personally became acquainted with the Senator in the year 1863. and our relations from that time until his decease were those of old time friends. He was one of the few great men who have achieved wealth and honor and at the same time retained a love for his knid [sic]. All he acquired seemed to broaden his great heart and generous nature. I shall ever remember that genial smile that always lighted up his countenance at our meetings, and the firm grip of the hand-shake, as we parted.

Please accept at once the tear of sorrow and sympathy.

Very Truly & Sincerely

Your Friend

N Hamilton

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