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Dec 12/84 Report rejected Licenses ordered Issued Ordered that licenses be issued as follows Towit: H.E. Brilard for Retail liquors for 3 months from Nov. 22, 1884

Applications for Licenses Referred Joseph Francis Co, Fuhrmann & Co & Benj Murphy & Co.

Claims Paid The following claims having been duly audited by the Council are ordered paid by Warrants drawn on the funds and in the amounts following towit: City Fund Clarence Hanford Printing Ordinances No. 943 $563.96 J.H. Cann Use of office for Police Force & election 944 $25.00 Globe Printing Co. Job Work 945 $2.00 Dick Brown Witness in City -v- Osunia 946 $2.20 L.D. Carroll Witness in City -v- Osunia 947 $2.20 F.V. Snyder Witness in City -v- Osunia 948 $2.20

Road Fund James Bogart Boarding Prisoners no. 739 $24.60

Cemetery Fund Chas F. Clancy & Co teams for Cemetery commission No. 22 $41.50 H.F. Phillips teams for Cemetery commission 23 $8.00 John Langston teams for Cemetery commission 24 $3.00 J. D. Lowman Stationery for Cemetery commission 25 $3.65 Herald Pub. Co. Printing for Cemetery commission 26 $3.00 Post-Intelligencer Pub. Co. Printing for Cemetery commission 27 $2.00 Chronicle Pub. Co. Printing for Cemetery commission 28 $1.50 Ordered that the claim of J.B. Metcalfe be & the same is hereby referred back to Claimant for an itemized statement. Ordered that the claim of L.S. Rowe be & is hereby referred to Street Committee. The following claims are presented for alleged damages caused by grading on James Street Towit: J.M. Hoffman $250.00 Sarah Malson $500.00 C.J. Chilberg $200.00

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