Mosman 1914-1918


E.S. "Gordon" Lacey - Diary 3

Page 11

Page 11


& Fritz got onto us with a machine gun. That was the first time I heard bullets whistling about me. They sounded very harmless as "Pinged" past. Got to the dump alright. Coming down again, he got onto us but we got through without any casualties. 2nd Up the line again with wine. Passed Fritz's gun without casualties. 3rd Put on tunnelling job 4th Tunnelling. Raid on. 5th Second Raid, got up & had a look at the Barrage. 7th Left Catacombes and went to [Kortephp?]. 8th Left Camp & got the train at Steenwerck Landed at Desvres & marched to [Henereaux?]. We are out for a spell. Nice & quiet here, and we are having good weather. Nothing of any importance until 22nd. Got orders to move suddenly. Got the train & went to Watou in

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