Mosman 1914-1918


E.S. "Gordon" Lacey - Diary 3

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Page 19


28th Swim in the morning & to Linley again in the afternoon 29th Went swimming in the morning. Saw cricket match at Lidget Green in the afternoon. Went into Bradford had a look round with Mrs B. Caught several "Little bits of fluff" Had to walk from Whyke to Brighouse. Put in a jolly good day. 30th Left Brighouse 12-15 train Landed in London 7-15. Stopped at Waterloo Y.M.C.A. 1st Went to the United Services Museum in Whitehall Very interesting place. Had a look at Madame Tussauds Wax Works in the afternoon. Met Charlie [Holbeg?] and went to see, "Going Up". at the Gaiety. 2nd Met McCulley & Charlie & went round Covent Garden & Lester Square. Had lunch at Aldwich, and had a glance

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