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Allsop Diary

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1916 January

Miss D. Allsop 180 Mc. Pherson St Essendon

[Horrie's] Address Mrs I Bloomfield 87 [Tennyston] St Essendon

Miss Minnie [Craze] [crossed out] 10 Linden Avenue [crossed out] St Kilda 10 Linton St Balaclava

1 Saturday

Visit by Colonel etc, very quiet day

Two dates previous to this see end of book

2 Sunday

Nothing except preparing to return to Serapeum. Left Hockley's Hollow 2km, arrived Serapeum 5pm strenuous march

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Page 10

January 1916

17 Monday

Digging Dug-out. Xmas Comforts given out. I got flanel shirt. Mostly from Mosman people. Raft capsized in canal. 17 men aboard including chap who was in our tent tonight. One man drowned. Engineer made reference to some bonza graves over the other side which he hopes to handle. German Major will probably be [?]

18 Tuesday

Long Route March along fresh water creek to Bitter lakes then back along the Suez Canal retiring to camp after 1 pm. First Aid lecture Engineers rapidly constructing elaborate trenches on other side. General [Godley] carried out inspection of camp Monitor passed in Suez direction. Hospital ship & big P&O. India liner.

19 Wednesday

Stretcher drill & lecture on application of bandages. Kitchener's Vultures of Heliopolis a few at Serapeum. News that on Monday we move to Ismailia

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Page 11

January 1916

20 Thursday

Stretcher Carrying. Trial trip over new line on this side of canal. Engine pushing one carriage in front of it. O.C. & others went Ismailia to select new camping ground. On Guard 4.30 pm. 500 Camels arrived with transport of Indians from Ismailia.

21 Friday

On Guard. Camels crossed Canal Rumours that 8th Brigade are to be used as reserves in Ismailia whilst all the other troops form the 1st line extending as far as Serapeum

22 Saturday

Col. Shepherd arrived. Stretcher Carrying. Mails delivered. Very striking scene when Implacable came back up the canal bands playing & bluejackets cheering whilst all soldiers on shore rang out deafening cheers. Most impressive

23 Sunday

Church Parade. Serg. from 29th Inf run over on railway. Both legs cut off. Terrible sight. Soon died.

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January 1916

24 Monday

Carrying heavy stretchers all day Trains arriving regularly out of Serapeum with troops of 5th, 6th & 7 Batt late of Dardanelles. They say it was the only thing to do to leave Dard. because neither side could move on account of Machine Guns. One man in our tent speaking about the rat which gave him a fright. Turk caught in barbed wire calling for Allah " soon riddled with bullets. Letter from Bank "Beachy Bill"

25 Tuesday

Actually raining hard last night A most extraordinary thing. Ascanius passed. Sheepskin vests given out - Presented by a [person] from Aust. Chaps all making noises like sheep. Bitterly cold. Thousands of Aust. troops arriving from Dardanelles Pontoon Bridge arrived

26 Wednesday

Bridge built over canal & transport going across all shipping stopped in daytime. Bitterly cold. Kit inspection. List of shortages taken Pay Day. McCabe when giving in his [name?] for a jest asked to be supplied with pair of horns.

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Page 16

February 1916

7 Monday

Tobacco & Matches issued yesterday Not yet moved. Field work in morning finding wounded in scrub & marshes. In afternoon lecture on Sanitation and swim in Suez Canal. New Zealand Mounted Rifles passed on way across Canal Estimated cost of works at this part of Canal & down 4 to 5 million £ Rained last night.

8 Tuesday

Beautiful day. Had photo taken by Roy near Serapeum filtering works for purifying sweet water Canal for troops. Carrying water by Camels & peeling vegetables. Hororata (Plymouth) sailed down towards Suez A20. Carried queer case of paralysis across to Clearing Hosp. over Canal. One arm useless. Good feed tomatoes & oranges very plentiful here. Minelayer H.M.S. Magnolia passed in Suez direction, dropped life boat whilst going a great pace. 2 guns visible & mines were dropped over the sides. The ship is like a destroyer. Steamer City of Cairo passed in Port Said direction. "Arabia" passed afterwards.

9 Wednesday

Showering. Collecting rushes to [?] with natives whom we made get & carry the rushes. Then they made mats from palm branches & rushes. Cordite in cigarette. Practice in carrying patients in afternoon. Playing cards practically every evening. Railway siding right to Canal bank going on to road completed & first train run along the line.

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