Mosman 1914-1918


Allsop Diary

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Page 31

March & April 1916

30 Thursday

Fearfully hot. On Cooks Fatigue. Hospital tent being erected to receive 156 patients as result of the march. We are expected to move 9 miles out to Rail Head tomorrow but will most likely be delayed on account of patients.

31 Friday

Still hot. Digging rubbish pit. Swim in Canal. A road & railway line runs out for about 9 or 10 miles into the desert from Ferry Post. The 5th Division is now being concentrated here. Saw Day from Shadler St Mosman go past, also [sherring?]. On Guard at night Cigarettes issued

1 Saturday

Hot still. On Guard. Met Colin Smith. He is in hospital with our unit knocked up as a result of the march. Fun at Canteen when we pinched the glasses. Concert in the tent at night. Circus band camped next to us.

2 Sunday

Moved out 9 miles to Rail Head I was with the advance guard & went on an ambulance waggon the [?] but the camp in the desert. The rest marched in about 6 o'clock, slept out.

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