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February 1916

24 Thursday

All prepared for moving presumably to Tel-el-Kebir, when orders came to say that through railway disorder we can't go till tomorrow. We have been exactly 3 weeks in suspense. Tin 1/4lb. Condensed milk and 4 packets of cigarettes given out

25 Friday

Cleared camp. Heavy day transporting luggage. Lively train ride to Tel-el-Kebir, finally getting settled at 11 o'clock. Put on piquet all night. Camped on old battle ground of 1882 where Kitchener & Gordon fought in the Soudan War. This is a tremendous camp yet far ahead of Liverpool in administration.

26 Saturday

Setting out new camp. Visit by Harold Alcock, Hughie Steanes & Reg Cannon, Hughie took our photos. Went down the lines at night. Gambling frightful & drunkenness very evident. All old units being split up.

27 Sunday

Doing nothing all day. Visited Lennie Rial and stayed talking to him all afternoon Quirk called to see me

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Feb. & March 1916

28 Monday

Beautiful Day Morning Squad Drill. Meeting of officers to start sports. Strolled about the [camp] at night

29 Tuesday

Beautiful Day. Long route march across the old battlefield for about 5 or 6 miles. Came back like a drowned rat. Ground hard after Serapeum. Afternoon signalling. Concert at Y.M.C.A in evening Typhoid fever Water all boiled

1 Wednesday

Very warm. Stretcher drill in morning. Heavy work & made us too tired to do anything in afternoon. Luckily enough we weren't asked to. Pay day. List of leave to Cairo Stiff luck again. I am second last go in 6 weeks time. Instruction about respecting graves.

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March 1916

2 Thursday

Route March round earthworks of old battlefield. Tel-el-Kebir was the last of Soudan wars where the enemy were completely surrounded Bones lying about. Infantry now engaged in burying remains Signalling all afternoon. Saw Lennie & Allan Bruce. Fun at Canteen chap eating crockery

3 Friday

Stretcher drill in morning Warmest day since leaving Aust. Fearfully hot. Ridiculous having to turn out with Tunics on. Parade hours altered Nothing from 11.30 to 3pm then French lesson. Very funny indeed. Pictures at night.

4 Saturday

Stretcher drill in morning Otherwise a quiet day On guard at night Cricket match

5 Sunday

On Guard. Cricket match 8 ambulance wagons & 2 G.S. carts from 4th Light Horse F.A arrived to join our unit 60 odd horses also arrived

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March 1916

6 Monday

Very warm day. On Q.M Fatigue. Saw Field Bakery. [?s] out beautiful breads 22,000 loaves a day. In afternoon saw Sherring on Artillery cart. Passed Sandford and saw another Liverpool friend who is now in Art. Art going to form howitzer battery Troops moving by a fortnights time

7 Tuesday

Hot day. On Cooks fatigue carrying water Measured for helmets, drill coats, short pants and puttees Capt North & Capt Donald taken from us thus spoiling the unit.

8 Wednesday

Visited Ismailia to get Red Cross Cases & money. Huge Camp there larger than Tel-el-Kebir. Seven Aeroplanes up Everything prepared for departure to France in few days time. Saw RHA enroute for France Passed Gen Birdwood's House. Warships Monitors & French ships on lake at Ismailia. This is a very pretty town. Train guard told me history of Tel-el-Kebir battle.

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March 1916

9 Thursday

Making bricks and building ovens for cooks. Abt 40 new men arrived from AMC details Don't know what is to become of them.

10 Friday

Big mail arrived. On water fatigue for cook house. Took 4 horses down for water. Heard that Snowy Wilcox & Stanton are here

11 Saturday

Out for field work in morning with waggons. Rain fell heavily about dinner time preventing cricket match with 8th Eng. Raffle for Bill Capt North asked me to go to Ismailia tomorrow

12 Sunday

Visited Ismailia saw Bill Bailey. Troops now on the move for France. Came back with Baker W. O. of Camel Corps. Saw young Lenehan on Ismailia station

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