Tuesday, January  6, 1920

Tuesday, January 6, 1920

A cold day cloudy tonight. Ben went to Straight Stone this morning to register his car. Jim went to the woods to cut after they got back. They hauled wood. They have a nice pile of wood at the wood pile.

Josie got dinner. I staid with the baby. I went to Marvins this evening. His children has very bad colds and the children here has bad colds, Jim had a letter from Nellie saying that Mr. Walker was sick a heap of late. 9 30 oclock

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Wednesday, January  7, 1920

Wednesday, January 7, 1920

A cloudy day and some rain. Ben worked on his engine all the morning. Jim helped Owen get wood this evening they sawed wood. To night Jim & Ben has gone to Renan. Josie washed some today. She hung her clothes by the fire tonight. Susan Doss & brother come a few minutes this evening.

Carrie & Roy & Hazel come a little while right at night. 10 oclock

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Thursday, January  8, 1920

Thursday, January 8, 1920

Cloudy & warmer no rain. Today Jim & Ben finished sawing wood & cut some in the woods. Kate Harvey come and eat dinner with us, The Boys gave her a little pig. I am a fraid that she cant rais it. Irvin came after it this evening. Mrs Owens baby is sick I went up there this evening. I do hope it will get better soon. Henry & Edna went to schoool today. The little baby cried most of the evening. 9 oclock

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Friday, January  9, 1920

Friday, January 9, 1920

A cloudy day no rain. To night the wind is blowin. The men cut wood in the woods. Josie got dinner this evening. Bob Starkey got his car stuck in the mud at the mail box. Mrs Starkey come in a few minutes.

I went to Carries a little while to night. Louise Hutcherson is here. They are playing cards. We heard today that Mr Allen is very bad off. To night Ben spoke in a way that hurt me. I give them nearly all of my time & strength and they don't respect me.

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Saturday, January 10, 1920

Saturday, January 10, 1920

A beautiful day. Jim & Ben & Owen burnt plant bed. Josie baked a cake. She got dinner.

I washed some and sewed on my quilt a little. I went to see the Owen baby this evening. He is bad off with an abcess. The Dr was to see him a gain this evening. To night Ben went hunting, Jim would not go. He shaved and has gone to bed. Mrs Mayhew is very sick, the Dr was to see her today. 10 oclock

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