Diary of Jeremiah White Graves, Volume 2, Book 2

February 22 - March 12, 1845

February 22 - March 12, 1845

1845 Feby 22 this week Mr. Moon has got shingles to cover Old House & he Began to strip tobacco in Big Barn on Hill this day - 21st halled lugs out of Mr. Grastys new ground this day.

26th Feby. Beautiful weather allmost like May. Jas C. Hunt married yesterday 25th Feby 1845 — Shingling our old House this day Burning log Heaps etc etc Plowing in mountain field Mr Moon left on Thursday 27th Feby & Irby on Friday 28th without finishing

March 1 Children started to school this day -Jeremy at Stony Point & Plowing -Planted Irish Potatoes, English Peas & onions etc etc began to prize lugs

7 I went to Rice to meeting

8 Raining & we are stripping Tobacco weather changed & a good deal cooler In Jany 1845 made a bargain Mr. Jas Murphy to plaster my House & white wash it to be finished off as I want it for $45. But If I think myself this work is worth $47.50$ I am to give him that sum the two Dolls and fifty cents is at my discretion which sum of $45 I am to pay said Murphy March or april 1846 - this is our contract

March [10?] Halled stacks and wood out& Piled up trash of new ground

12 Halled up & getting out oats to sow

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March 15 - 20, 1845

March 15 - 20, 1845

1845 March 14th Malissa sick. child Born after midnight this morning --

15. Bud Faris sent for help to roll logs Could not help him. Henry sowing oats. I am going to meeting. Federick cutting gutter for Malissa' house to drain the water off -- Phil gone to mill. Just commencing sowing oats this morning tho have been preparing the ground for 2 days.

1845 March 18th Sowed 15 bushels to this night Fed gone to day to roll logs to [unclear] Set yams this morning for [name?] to plant. Planted goard seed Paid Mr. Moon $115 in all. The other $10 I don't know that I shall ever pay him without being compelled because he did not finish my house at all & some he did do was not done workmanlike

1845 March 19, Wednesday. Very cold & windy Ground hard frozen. I am afraid tobacco plants killed. My wife & F.W. gone to see Coleman Mrs

20 Really a winter morning. Ground hard frozen. can't plow. Freezing weather Put down old saddle horse this morning at 12 o'clock this day the water freezes in 1 hour. Porch tremendous cold for March 1845 1845 26th. weather a little moderated. Sowed flax seed nearly done sowing oats

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March 26, 1845 - April 8, 1845

March 26, 1845 - April 8, 1845

1845, March 26 Sowed Plant Bed over on the Branch this day - Weather has been very cold for more than a week. 1845 Our new ground nearly half coltered

27. Weather moderate finished sowing oats

28 Went to saw mill. paid off Mr. Miller in full to the 30¢ in my Debt

31. Weather moderate. Stripping tobacco & hope to finish this day & prizing lugs Yesterday our new ground fence got burnt say 40 pannels fire got out from our new ground Saturday

29th monstrous fire in the woods towards Good Hope. Gathered a good many hands & stopped it. done no mischief

30. Fire at new ground & burnt 40 panels fence entirely for me

April 3rd Finished coltering new ground this day - Plowing for corn Planted snaps and corn in garden

2nd April, 4th planted snaps, cucumbers & simlings in garden etc etc Weather dry and warm at this time

8 April Commenced making new ground Tobacco Hills still for Corn. ground hard and very cool every thing Kill allmost Killed this morning 9th April 1845 Smart - Ice in places.

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April 9, 1845 - April 17, 1845

April 9, 1845 - April 17, 1845

1845. April 9th Remarkable dry & very cool --- Henry Clay has the distemper very bad --- Moon's Negroes cut his wife's throat & very near killed her On the 8th April every thing killed almost Beets & all the fruit killed

11th. Commencing planting corn in mountain field Weather rather warmer but very dry & Windy no appearance of Rain

12 Still dry and little cool, planting corn ^& Snaps by Malissa's House Very Smoky Weather Planted Sweet Potatoes

14th Planting Corn at Stony Point Looks a little like Rain, weather a little cool, great deal Smoky weather

15. Still Planting corn at Stony Point it looks something like rain Weather moderate

16 No rain faired off dry & Hot. Planted Corn & Snaps back of Garden this day Fed Halling Rails to make Tobacco Lot by Henry's House, Marked my Calves & turned all out this morning Still very Smoky

16th Planted all our corn except where the ground is too hard to break up

17 Hilling & coller New ground

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April 18, 1845 - April 28, 1845

April 18, 1845 - April 28, 1845

1845 April 18th. Cloudy & Drizzling Rain none yet to do any good. Hilling new ground little cool this morning. Sent by Phil counterpane to Mrs Jno. Tucker to weave, flower of almond, the Draught 9¢ cash & dif in trade -

19th began to rain about night & rained moderate 19th one or 2 hours, Planted out some cabbage plants. - ground yet hard in places Sent Bro. Wm [Davis?]at meeting 1/6 -

21 Cloudy but no more Rain yet Shuck Peas this Morning. Breaking Balance of our corn Land

-22 Finished Planting Corn at Stony began to prize tobacco again & Collering & Hilling new ground.

23 Prizing tobacco short coltering with Horse & Hilling new ground

26 last evening had a shower of Rain Prizing tobacco & about finishing hilling up new ground Planter watermellon Seed in sweet Potatoe Patch, & also set out Tomatoe and Cabbage plants this day. Manured Plant Beds. Coltering up cow Pen for Corn, Dry & Hot little Windy -

28 Finished Planting in cow pen Lot etc - Hilling up little new ground on Branch above Granary. Planted Pumpkin seed etc.

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