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Geek Weekly Fanzine #10 Spring 2003

Joe Gross Interview Hole in the Wall Report from Alaska New Pornographers Alex Coke Brian Berger

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Geek Weekly Fanzine PMB 292, 2002-A Guadalupe Austin, TX 78705

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the ladies in charge:

Jennifer LaSuprema

Susan LaInferioria

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Content Guide

Long time Hole In The Wall waitron shares her photos and her memories from the Hole 5

Jacinto LaInferioria free associates with the New Pornographers 9

Geek Weekly's correspondent in Alaska, Jenna Dickinson, interviews a Juneau local 11

E.C.F.A tenor saxophonist Carl Smith interviews creative musician Alex Coke 16

Susan and Jennifer interview the Austin American-Statesman's carpetbaggin' rock critic Joe Gross 19

LaSuprema goes to Los Angeles 25

Brian Berger on the music of the day 28

Spring 2003 3

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Nonny and Benja's Oatmeal

Cook oatmeal. Do not burn. Lay on a face with raisins and maraschino cherry. (See below)

... .... --------- raisins cherry O . . . . . . . .

[drawing with dots in the shape of a smiley face]

The facial expression you choose to administer should reflect the mood you wish to engender in the child at that time.

Upon presentation to the child, encouraging vocalizations are appropriate and helpful.

P.S. Sweetener may be artistically added to taste.

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"The Hole that was a portal to the childlike timeless realm of Austin's rockin' unpreten tious past, now disappearing into the yuppie mediocrity of big city blues. Salud to all the veterans of the Hole -I hope you are all drinking somewhere cozy out there in the modern Austin."

bye bye Hole In The Wall

Ok, here is the inside scoop from a former long-time waitron of the Hole. I have included three pictures of Hole employees and a picture of me from a calendar that we did for charity - SafePlace - a center for battered women in Austin.


Debbie always used to organize benefits for charity. Every xmas we did a benefit for Blue Santa for less fortunate kids so they could get xmas presents. The calendar was a hot item including all the waitrons and bartenderesses, none of the men were sexy enough except Jeff, of course, but he was still asleep when we did this. Anyway, the other three unsavory characters are:

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