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Vol 393 FS Crosby transfer 1876



Custom House, Astoria, Or

Collector's Office, May ???

Hon. B.H. Bristow Secretary of Treasury Washington, D.C.

Sir, On the 21st day of December 1875, Mr. F.S. Crosby was relieved as principal Keeper at Cape Foulweather Light House by S. L. Wass. Mr. Crosby was by your order, transfered and appointed principal keeper of Cape Gregory Light House and was directed to turn over to his successer S.L. Wass, the, the light station at Cape Foulweather, and proceed with all convenient speed to Cape Gregory Light House and assume charge of that light. He however failed to report at said Light House and relieve Stephen Davis the principal Keeper until thee 1st day of February 1876, at which date he took oath of office as principal Keeper and assumed charge. He now claims pay as a principal Keeper

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Royal Bensell letters 1877 Vol. 439



You will confer a favor ?? by sending Capt Wass an order to burn over time the hand irons and fire fender belonging to the Yaquina Light Station. There is none in the Station now and it would be convenient to have them.


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p-1 District 13 Reports, Keeper Appointment Records



(Appointment Records)

Cape Foulweather (Yaquina Head 1886)

Willard F. Palmer Nov 1, 1872 (erronesusly?? appointed)

Fayette L. Crosley Jun 7, 1873 Transf Nov 11,1875

S. S. Wass Nov 11, 1874 Died-1886

??? Frank M. Plummer - (Yaquina Head 1886) perm appt- Apr 12, 1886

Frank M. Plummer perm appt - July 28, 1888

Still there in 1904 - Jan - Feb 1908

Henry E. Wilson Feb 5, 1908

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1873-75 Lighthouse Keepers Logs



1875 December 23 S.L. Wass entered upon the duties of Principal Keeper by giving to the retiring Keeper F.S. Crosby a detailed reciept in duplicate for all Public Property at the Station for which the retiring Keeper may have been responsible

1875 December 26 Very bad weather from December 26 to December 31st inclusive heavy gales, very rough sea and much rain

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