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Y.H. 11. Department of Commerce and Labor LIGHT-HOUSE ESTABLISHMENT 4 Inclosures.

Office of Engineer, 13th District Portland, Oreg. December 16, 1907.

The Light-House Board, Washington, D.C. Sirs:- Referring to Board's letter of September 12, 1907, No. 1053, authorizing repairs to lantern railing at Yaquina Head Light-Station, Oregon, I have the honor to inclose herewith three original proposals received in response to circular letter of Dec. 4, 1907.

The Lowest Proposal received, that of the Westerman Iron Works, of Seattle, Wash., in the sum of $128.40, is reasonable and the firm known to this office to be responsible. I would recommend that I be authorized to accept this bid.

Abstract of proposals in inclosed herewith. Proposals were mailed to the following firms:

Westerman Iron Works, Seattle, Wash., Northwestern Iron Works, " " The Moran company, " "

Respectfully yours, S.W. Rocasler ??? Lieut. Col., Corps of Engineers, U.S.A., Engineer 13th Light-House district.

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Abstract of sealed proposals received in response to circular letter of December 4, 1907, for Galvanized Iron Work for Tower Railing at Yaquina Head Light-Station, Ore.

Name Address Bid.Westerman Iron Works, Seattle, Wash. $128.40The Moran Company, " " 171.45Northwestern Iron Works, " " 151.00

I certify that the above is a true abstract of all bids received.

[unintelligible signature]Lieut. Col., Corps of Engineers, U. S. A.,Engineer 13th Light-House District.

Office Light-House Engineer,Thirteenth District,Portland, Oregon, December 14, 1907.

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