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Vol 348 Engineer Reports 13th Dist. 1873 and 1874 CF Exhibted YB Discontinued



Office of the Light House Engineer Thirteenth District Portland, Oregon July 26, 1873 Sir: I have the honor to make the following Report of Operations for the Month of June, 1873. Yaqunia Bay LH Ogn. Examined land with reference to 20 acres being sufficient for LH purposes. Cape Foulweather Lt Station Ogn. Shipped missing parts of Lantern from San Francisco. Sodded yard where wind was tearing away soil. Made arrangements for re-whitewashing tower. Probable Operations in July. Rewhitewashed Tower. Begin the erection of the Lantern. Point Adams Lt Station, Ogn. In company with Capt. Spotts LH Inspector, selected LH Site. Carefully examined different roads from Steamer landing as Fort Stevens, to proposed LH Site, and made rough plan & estimate for Road over the best route. Advertised for Proposals for Fog Signal Boilers for this station and New Dungeness LH Station, W.T. Cape Flattery Lt. Ho. W.T. Took men and materials to this station and area by completed carpenter work on Tank for Water. Commenced caulking tank. Probable Operations for July. Complete Tank and fill with water from cistern. Repair fog signal and put into operation. Stay rotten joists in Lt. House Very respectfully, Henry M Roberts Chairman Light-H0use Board. Maj. Of Eng’rs & L.H. Eng’r Washingotn DC Thirteenth District

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1871-1872 keeper selection and LH building Vol. 336



Portland, Oregon August 19th, 1872 (Stamped) H.M. ROBERT, US Engineers. AUG 19 1872 Maj. Henry M. Roberts L.H. Engr. 13th L.H. Dist. Sir: In consequence of the unavoidable delays which have attended the construction of the Keepers Dwelling at Cape Foulweather Light House Station, I am obliged to ask for a further extension of sixty days time in which to complete the work.

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Owing to the stranding of the schooner Elnorah at Yaquina Bay, the vessel I had engaged to transport my materials from San Francisco, and the inability of her owners to procure another vessel, I was compelled to make different arrangements for the transportation of my materials,

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-latitude of Cape Perpetua is given (Coast Pilot page 127) as 44 degrees 19' North is that of Cape Foulweather (see above) as 44 degrees 40, making the distance 21' latitude, or approximately 21 nautical miles(as the bearing is only 03' west of true north), as given in the Notice to Mariners.

The location & bearings of Yaquina & Cape Foulweather L Ho. by careful comparison & weighing of conflicting authorities giving approximate locations & bearings, has occasioned much perplexity, with varying results . C S Charts just received) gives latitude of Yaquina L.H. about 44 degrees 40'(30") instead of 44 degrees 36'(35"), which latter is given in L.H. List of 1872, and is correct, provided the Coast Pilot correctly locates Cape Fowlweather (Yaquina Point). I see that in the corrected List for Jany 1873, other authorities were allowed some weight, and the magnetic bearing of Fowlweather L H from Yaquina L H was given by as N NW 1/2W, approaching more nearly to the bearing in your letter, than the bearing based upon the Coast Pilot does. On the Whole, as you doubtless have better authority as so this bearing than I am in possession of, it would seem best to change this bearing in the Notice to Mariners to S.E. by S. 1/2S. as given in your letter of 7" inst. In L.H. List of 1873 bearing of Fowlweather from Yaquina should then be changed to N.W. by N.1/2N. I should think other points should be retained as given in Notice to Mariners, until you have better authority than the Coast Pilot of 1869.

Your obedient servant

Henry M. Roberts Maj. of Eng'rs & L. H. Eng'r Thirteenth District

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Ediz Hook Lt Station, W.S.

Thoroughly completed zinc parapet covering. Examined Keeper & Assistant in company with Capt. Spotts.

New Dungeness Lt. Station, W.S. Purchased and shipped materials for completion of repairs. Put floor in Boat House & battens on sides. Finished door, & furnished paddock for same. Connected work-house with cistern by covered pipe. Put coat paint on Boat House & 2 coats on inside of Store Room. Inspected work of Repairs, & examined Keeper & Assistant with Capt. Spotts.

Probable Operations for April Put eave-troughs (galvanized iron) in place of defective ones on Store Room. Refit pump in Cistern. Put 2" coat paint on Boat-House; 1 coat paint on inside & outside of store-room. Put stakes to fence. Build 60 ft of new ways for Boat. Repair Boat Carriage. Connect Storeroom with Cisterns. Paint Roofs of Storeroom & Boat House.

Examined Keepers & Assistants at Admiralty Head & Smiths Island Lt. Houses, with Capt. Spotts.

Very respectfully, Your obedient servant, Henry M. Roberts Maj. of Eng'rs & L.H. Eng'r, Thirteenth District.

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