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1884 Not CF but YH Vol. 610



U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey Office, Washington, May 28th, 1884

Commander H. F. Picking USN Naval Secty of Lt. Ho Board Washington D.C.

Dear Sir; I notice in the Lt. Ho. Book, that Cape Foulweather and Yaquina Head 13th Dist. an used as interchangeable names for the same place, as the Coast survey chart No. 603 places Cape Foulweather several miles to the northward of Yaquina Head, I have examined the matter and find that asst Davidson in the Pacific Coast Pilot makes quite a clear distinction, and as it may be of interest to you, I will enclose a portion of his article on this subject for your consideration

Very respectfully J. F. Moser Lisent ??? and Acting Hydro. Inspr Coast Survey

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Box 254 YB 1890, YH 1893, Isaac L. Smith & Edward Rice 1891



All communications should be addressed to "THE LIGHT-HOUSE BOARD" Treasury Department Office of the Light-House Board.

B. Enclosures: One. Subject: Yaquina Bay Whistling Buoy. July 14, 1893 Bearings.

Comdr. O. W. Farenholt, U.S.N., Inspector 13th Light-House District,

Portland, Oregon.

Sir: Referring to forms 87 for Yaquina Bay Outside Bar Whistling Buoy, seacoast of Oregon, transmitted with your letter of 3 July '93, it is found in plotting the position of the buoy on Coast and Geodetic Survey chart No. 6057 by the sextant angles, using them in two sets, that the two positions are almost identical, while the bearings on Yaquina Head (Cape Foulweather) Light-House and on Yaquina Old Tower of the four bearings given, do not cut the position by angles. The sextant angles and the chart seem to indicate that the bearings on Yaquina Head (Cape Foulweather) Light-House and Yaquina Old Tower should be, respectively, approximately N. and N.E. 1/8 N.

The Board requests you to revise and return From 87 inclosed.

Respectfully, R.D. Evans Commander, U.S.N. , Naval Secretary.

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