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XM123_ICDMS_lowres A L P Cameron to Howitt 26 December 1903



with the [.........] side of the Aborigines question I remember writing you about the Unghi tribe located between the Maranoaand Warrego and that they called themselves Ipai, Kumbo etc and and also Oorjilla, Kuberu etc.You suggested they were probably on the border land dividing Ipai lot from the Oorjilla.Not long since I met a Mr H.S. Wills son of Horatio Wills who was murdered. He told me that 200 miles north of the Unghi the words Ipai Kumbo were unknown and theywere all Oorjilla Kuberu. We compared a lot of words and there was an extraordinary resemblance, a great many words being almost exactly the same.

Wish you a pleasant Xmas

Yours faithfully

ALP Cameron

Page 45 [..] some argument [...... ... ....] "dismiss?" this statement that totems [........] this field of [.........] selection. [...] a [....]. the [........... ....] mallee here marries [.....] kangaroo with a bandicoot & [.........] kangaroo or [........ ......] on [.... .......] and [............] as the two primary divisions as [........]. Then according to "Lang?" any [....] could marry any [......] or any [......] and of course "be?"

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hw0305 Letter from Cameron to Howitt 14/July/1884



6very powerful wielders of magic.Vocabulary of KalkadunesHand= Murra Sun = PinjamiEye = Mithi Fire = WitchanTongue = Tallen Water = GoaMouth = unda man= YurrooThigh = Thurra Woman = MurabiFoot = Thaboo one = TyerNose - Styengi Two = uariEar = curuken Three = KurbiHair = Warrooboo Youth = QuerriKnee = Iberū Middle age KudulunBilly = Mandi Old man = KubangerūTeeth = Ardendu

Matha garriA Tribe on the Gilliat say to thenorth of the Goa TerritoryThey mix with the Kal KaduneGoa Oonamurra and othertribes. They can generally speaktwo languages and understandone or two others.Their totems areUrgilla = snake, PelicanWanyu = EmuKuberu = Duck, IguanaBanberi = Carpet Snake

My Matha gurri informant told methat originally the class terms usedby his tribe and by others in this partof the colony were not Urgilla etcbut that in his tribe they weren'garanoa = Urgilla, Munghinqu = KuberuKutu mungha = Wungu, Jimalingo = BanberiWhen the native police first came

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9The N'gungera knock out one fronttooth of men and married women.The Borah is called Barrilla +the sacred wand MurambulamThe mother or mothers brother givesthe daughter in marriagegreat reluctance to think of thedead belief in ghosts etcVocabularyHand = Murra Eye= LiliTongue = Scliaru Foot = LinaThigh= Thurra

Mullumburra TribeLocated high up on the Flindersnear Reedys SpringsThey told me that they spoke a languagecalled Koolchall and their classdivisions were previous to the blackpolice coming as followsKrugilla = UrgullaKurgera = WunguKrukella = KuberuKarbaroo = Banberi[Totems - crossed out][Krugilla Eaglehawk - crossed out][Krugera = cockatoo- crossed out][kurbaroo - cockatoo + tiger snake- crossed out][Bunb- crossed out][Krukella (Did not ascertain- crossed out)- crossed out]ora

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