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6A[Table][Title]The Kurnai Tribe

Column 1 - Clans, row 1(i) Krauat-ŭn-galŭngfrom Kanat = east; galŭng= a possessive [postfix?] = of or belonging to the sea coast from near Cape Everard to the Snowy River, all that river with its tributaries up to about [Willis?]; the sea coast from the Snowy River to the Entrance to the Gippsland Lakes with all streams flowing into Ewings Marsh and [Ru?yers?] -

[Column 1, row 2](2) [Brabralung?] - from Bra-bra manly and (ga)lung = if or belonging to all the [crossed out - country waters of the] drainage areas of the Tambo, Mitchell, and Nicholson Rivers with the [?] tributaries to their extreme sources, also to the weir on the Mitchell River to Providence Ponds, with a corresponding frontage to the Gippsland Lakes.

[Column 1, row 3](3) Bra-yak-(g)alŭng = him Bra = man, yak = west - all the country west of Providence Ponds watered by the Avon, [crossed out - River]] Macalister [crossed out - and] Thompson and Latrobe Rivers down to the junction of these into [?] & thence [?] valley the eastern bank of the Latrobe to Lake Wellington thence - eastward by the [?] to [somewhere?] near [?], thence northward to Providence Ponds.

Column 2 Title - Lesser [?]Row 1 - a) Ben – Sydenham Inletb) Dūra – 12 miles up the Snowy River from the seac) Wūrnŭng-gattung – Lake Tyersd) Brt-bitta (= a hollow in the ground)– Jimmy’s Point – entrance to Gippsland Lakes

Row 2 - (e) Bruthen, in the Tambo River(f) Waiŭng = widgeon - near Bairnsdale in the Mitchell River(g) Wŭk-wŭk = Lindeman Flat. Mitchell River(h) Mŭnji = on the north shore of Lake Victoria= There! or "the place of" e.g. -?(i) Dairgo - on the Dargo River

Row 3(k) Kŭtbūn-baura from Kŭtbūn = to have or carry and baura = fire. The name also of a hill or the upper Avon River.(l) Bŭnjil Nŭlŭng - the country between the Avon River and the Eastern boundary of the clan, south of Stratford - Bŭnjil = personal appelates of the older men-Nŭlŭng = mud. Named after the Head man of the division at the time when Gippsland was settled by the whites -(m) Bunjil-clan - the country between the Avon and the Macalister Rivers. Dan = emu - the name of a Head man -(n) Bunjil-Kraura from Kraura = west wind [Northern?] country of the clan west of [north?] to them almost impenetrable forested scrub in west Gippsland from the name of the Headman.

Column 3 title Wives fromRow 1 a) wives from b c d and Mallagoota Inlet and Twofold Bayb) wives from c a t and [p. 13] Bina-jera (the long strip of sandy and swampy country lying between the Gippsland lakes and the sea as far as the Entrance to the Lakesc) Brüthen – on the Tambo River – Waiūng Widgeon – near Bairnsdale Mitchell River and Kŭbbūn laura – Upper Avon Riverd) b and Bina-jera (see b) or is it I = Būnjil Nŭlŭng – between Avon River and eastern boundary of clan south of the Stratford

wives toa) b c d k Twofold Bay Mallagoota Inletb) c e g t Bina-jerac) Bruthen Waiūng Widgeon Kŭbbūn laura and Bina-jerad) b or I and Bina-jera

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hw0436 Notes by Howitt on Omeo 'tribe' and letter from Bulmer



Notes 30/9/81 - Burial of [?Junorn?]curryjong tree - Poondin (Ngarego)Honeysuckle - Tarra - Gippsland

Tŭndūn made with tea tree wood [?Brt?] and stringngūrū.

Omeo [plains - crossed out] tribe - on plainsMetoko Head medicine manCockey Head Doctor Gibber = Joëa There were not more than 100 people in the tribeMŭk-than = thin speechMūk-Krauetan-thannūlet - Ralbutnūlet - Braiakamūk-than - Tatūng and Dairgonotes on the Omeo tribe - by Jenny Cooperbefore Dec 21 in book commencing Nov. 1881

Tharang-Kawai- Snowy Rivernūlet - Braiaka-Bratauamŭkthang - Brabra-Tatung-Raymond IslandBack water - Kau-ŭngEastwood Tūt-wŭrkMerriman's Sea song - note bookMay 17-1883East- Bo- móin- also naua-or Kraui - North = Woorunina - west=GūyaSouth = meringámTall boy name is Būnyūan = a Lagoon at Bega - totem Tiska = small owl20/5/83 Charley Brūpin - ngarrigan = BatMerriman - Ūmbara = black duckHarry Cook - Jarūat = an owl; name is ngangal

10/6/83In Wiradjuri - exchange of wives - whose sisteris called gŭn-gŭn-mur Bidga-bidga= old manJīr=ghost

[written in left side margin]Ngal-al-balDaramulun's wife

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Schedule A 48table shewing the organization of the Kurnai tribe[table]tribal name Sub tribes Local subdivisions of subtribes obtain wives from give wives toKurnai = men{(a) Mallagoota b c d Twofold Bay{(b) Dūra c a t c a t(1) Kroatun {(c) Wurnŭngatti - The largte river e f k e f k t=East {(d) Brt britta e t b t{(e) Brūthen b c a k b c f g{(f) Waiŭng c e g t c e g Brabra= {(g) Wŭk-wŭk f fManly or {(h) Mŭnji - "There!"belonging to (i) Dairgomen{(k) Kŭtbŭntaura - "having fire" d i e h l d i l or BurningBraiaka {(l) Būnjil Nŭllŭng K K= western {(m) Būnjil Dan e o e omen {(n) Būnjil Kraura i o q i o q{(o) Kŭt wŭt m m Brataua {(p) Yau-ŭng n n q= {(q) Drelin p i t pTatūng {(r) Yūnthŭr m m= South {(s) Ngarawŭt e m q t e m t{(t) Binnajerra l d e f g l d g

Note In the above the English meanings of theSubdivisions are not given as the above is only proforma. But it is always well to give themas completing the information; as an example one or two are given above.The last two columns show the local marriagerules. Thus a man of Dūra may only obtain awife from Wūrnŭngatti, Mallagoota orBinnajerra - and the daughters of the Dūra men go to divisions c a t as wives.The above regulations are however incompletelyascertained as some of the local divisions of the tribe have died out. All the divisions of the Meening I supposestill exist.

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