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Fire - [noaing?]Water - [ba crossed out] an bānmy - [marrŭmbaik?]They - gathūp [(? ?)]his X [marrŭmpaina?]my foot - [mūrrumbaik or murrumback?][djennaneik?][when?] - [Kan-bo?][This?] - [ben-joro?][Their?] - [benjero Kanbi?][From?] - [benjen ba benjero?][have?] - Ūrtŭna[?] - {Ūrtŭnu upp g?] ____________________}either[Go?] - [Ūrde yūrl-gūrl?]Back (by mob)[In left margin][?] by mob -------


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[?] [Mangūrt [?][Send or Lend?] - [Kaiūng?]also Brand-jepalso [ued djir-rŭr?]

messenger - [word crossed out] [Ur?][?] [those?] [Njŭnunjath?]and says Kūlinsend these to the [?]round and not togrumble any more but have joy andgladness.

The ball is for playingKaiūng} [for?] [?ation?]Mung esp} kick.[?rrūn?]} threw[Braudjep?] = kangaroo rat

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All now play on oneside and [Bunjil?]on other side. -----------

A big mob is coming from over there.

Point in the direction - then motion [arms?] yourself then bring the hands together in front and a little in a [?] of breast - do this [once?]The [mun? or name?] - Ūrtūna = a big mob._______________________[By?or If?] open once point at 45 O[degree symbol] above horizon [in?] [direction?] of the [one?][person?].

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Run away south with me ----Make a [snatching?] motion with right hand from person to self - then fists being clenched imitate rapid running with [one? or the?] arm._________________________of our friend -- after sign for Ūrtŭnamake sign for "me" and "you" _____

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