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Merriman is at the Aboriginal Station at Tilba Tilba - Waloga Lake.Larry says that the Kurnai had certain animals, birds, fish&ctwhich were called the Thundun that is elder brothers.

His father when Larry was a small boy, say eight years of agepointing to a small birk [sic] which frequents the shores, "that is yourbudjan, do not hurt it. He has never injured one, nor would he eatit, and would be very sorry if any one did so in his presence. Thisbird is called the Blit-burring.

Larry belongs to the Malagoota Krauatun Kurnai, who are alsoclaimed by the Yuin, as of their tribe. The term Budjan is a Yuin word but is the same as the Kurnai term Thundun, as being the "totem".

Billy the Bull is a yalmerai (shark). When there are too manyabout the Lakes entrance he sends them away by singing to them. Hebelongs to Lake Bunga.

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9Billy the Bull - is a Kurnai ofLake Bunga. He says the Thundungis the Yalmerai (shark) that when thereare too many [?often?] about he would "sing them"away. No one eats shark.

Harry [?Dairameyers?] His Thundung isa Bird called Gliun, [fr - crossed out] the Pophyromelanotus. When he was a small boy hisfather said to him "That is your Thundung.You will have it when I die." Do not kill it.

Big Charly His Thundung are thetwo Conger eels - the Būra which is the smallerone and the Nuy-yang which is the larger.He says that he eats of both of them.

King Charly also [?had?] these for him +could also eat of them.

Tulaba's Thundung was Jira (Kangaroo)Big Joe Thurung - the Tiger snakeLambiBilly Jumbuck Thurung - Tiger snakeBunjil Barlijan (Old Timothy)

[comment written at end of page linked back with arrow to Billy Jumbuck]When Mr Bulmer once [walking with - crossed out] sawBilly Jumbuck walking along looking down at aTiger snake which is wriggling along [??]him. Mr Bulmer said "What is that?"Billy Jumbuck replied "The one

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21it is when something has occurred during lifeto unsettle them. For instance when Old Candledied at Snowy River his Mraat knocked aboutthe camp for some months. And his old womandeclared that he told her he could not getaway as she was holding him, and thatshe would continue to do so till she marriedOld King Tom. Sometimes pannikans werethrown about, and flour was scattered aboutthe camp. And the old woman declared theghost gave her a thrashing because sheprevented him from going away. I daresay the whol [sic] story was invented by theold woman herself with an eye to KingTom. But still the Blacks must have thoughtit possible for a ghost to come to them orthey would not have believed her.

I have often heard the Blacks declarethat they have seen a ghost. I rememberKerlip Tom coming home in a great frightdeclaring he had seen the ghost of a woman named Korah wife of Bobby BrownShe was he said on the shore of Lake Bungaan old haunt of hers during life.An old man names Ginger died atLake Tyers some years ago. He was avery old man, and his wife was a very old woman. Having nothing elseto think about, this poor old woman'smind was fixed on the departed. She would steal away into the bushand remain for days by herself. Whenshe returned she told me she had

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