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carry, if he killed another it would be given to the second one, and itwas only when he obtained a heavy load that he carried anything himself.when I speak of these Headman in connection with the tribal (?) Ishall again refer to the henchmen.

The account given of these Headman given by Mr William Thomaswho was the protector of the Blacks in the years (?) , falls intoline with the particulars which have given. I have condensed his statement as follows! (1)

"Each tribe had a chief who directs all its movements, and whowherever he may be, knows well where all the members of the communityare. The chief with the aged men makes arrangements, forthe route eachparty is to take, when the tribe after one of its periodical meetingsagain separates.

Besides the chiefs they have other eminent men, as warriorscounsellors, doctors, dreamers who are also interpreters, charmers a whoare supposed to be able to bring or to drive rain away, and also to bringor send away plagues as occasion may require."

Such are Mr. Thomas's statements. Hehad great opportunitiesof pbtaining information, for as he says he was out with them for months";but it is much to be regretted that he did not more fully avail himselfof his opportunities, or if he did, he failed to record the results withthat detailwhich would have been now invaluable.

The Wurrunjeri clan of the Woeworung is a good example of thelesser tribal divisions, andof their Headmen. In order to make what Ishall say as to it more clear, it is (?) (?) (?) that (?) (?)(?) (?) (?) (?) (?) it was divided into three parts. One called Kuraje-barring, was subdiviedinto those who occupied the country from the Darebin Creek tothe sources of the Plenty River, under their HeadmanBebejern, and those who lived on the east side of the saltwater river up toMount Macedon (1) under the Headman Bilibellary. (8). the second division

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hw0391 Notes by Howitt on Kulin from Barak



Wūrŭnjéri (1) Kŭrnage–berring Salt WR. to Castellas.-I from Darebin Ck to source of Plenty R BebejanEast side of Salt water River to Mt Macedon- II Billibeleri’s

(2) Yarra Flats & N slopes of Dandenong. [Jacke - crossed out] Jakke- Jakke

(3) The real UrunjériBiriberit thun-willam SunberyBŭngerim

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Stars (3) 46The people do not like to see this bird injured . Karat gūrnin - a lot of menKarat –gūrŭk - a lot of women- gūrŭk - woman or femaleWhen any one kills the naribarm gūrūk (mūlan = shadow of the Karat-gūrŭk) people are very angry. It is buried wrapped up in a little possum rug and the women cry over it.


The Ūrŭnjeri [divi. - crossed out] clan of the Kūlin

There were three “mobs”: (divisions)(1) 2. That of Bebejan at Darebin Ck, Heidelberg, Yan Yeani.e the Plenty country.1. [ditto] Billibillary from Melbourne up the East side of the Saltwater river and western branch up to half of Mt Macedon(2) 3. that of Jackey Jackey Yarra flats and and Northern slope of Dandenong Mts ------------------------------------------------------William’s Mothers Country -

William's mother came from the Nourailŭm ballŭk at Murchison------------------------------------------------------(3) 4. of the Boi-berrit -thŭn-willŭm (language) – who lived near Sunburyunder the headman Bŭng-erim

These mobs were called: -(1) and (2) which belonged to each otherKŭrnáge – berreing – Yanan from Castellas to Saltwater River(3) the Real Urŭnjiri (4) Boiberrit – thŭn willim.N.B These divisions require to be revised with a map.

[written in the left side margin] The constellation of the “Bat” seems to be part of Phoenix * * wife* Balayang* wife

1 + 2 = Kŭrnáje-berre-ing3 = The[Boi berrit - thun-willum (language) who lived near Sunbury make a headman Bung-erim these mobs here are called:-(1) and (2) which belonged to cach? oche?Kurnage her being- Yanan for Caslettes? by salt-water River(3) The real wruujeri? (4) Doiberret-thin willim.No 13 These divisions refere to the ? with a map.crossed out] urunjeri

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