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A [contra?]

Some of these are [crossed out - evidently] probably many clans [crossed out - many for] instance others represent tribes and as to theis the language will perhaps be the best guide in the absence of some [?] date which are [?] [Nauabel? or Wauable?]

[Left hand margin note - work these out][3 columns]

Column 1Woeworung [underlined]Dandenong[crossed out - Kew] Yarra RiverWerribeeCranbourneMt Macedon

Column 2Thap?worung [underlined]BendigoHeathcoteKilmore to MtMacedon[crossed out - Yea R]Yea RiverSeymourBenalla

Column 3Bunworung [underlined] Cape SchankMordialloc

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Eaglehawk and lived in the Ovens River near Wangaratta and from the Wŭdthau-worŭng speaking people who lived at Geelong. While [crossed out - they] women camefrom these places as wives, their sisters went to their places as wives also.

[left margin note - Faira? Creek]

(or tabulated-thus)Table showing the intermarriage of the [Kulin] clans and tribes

Name of the tribe - (1) Terŭnjeri Ballŭk Locality - KewClass - WaaugLanguage - Woë-wor-ŭng

Name of the tribe - (2) Būllŭk-wilŭmLocality - CranbourneClass - WaaugLanguage - Woë-wor-ŭng

Name of the tribe - (3) Nira BallŭkLocality - Kilmore, BendigoClass - WaaugLanguage - thagŭng-wor-ung

Name of the tribe - (4) Kūr-ŭng-jang BallŭkLocality - WerribeeClass - WaaugLanguage - Woë-wor-ŭng

Name of the tribe - (5) Yau-ŭng-ilŭm BallŭkLocality - Between Mt Macedon, Kilmore, HeathcoteClass - WaaugLanguage - thagŭng-wor-ung

Name of the tribe - (6) Būn-worŭng BallŭkLocality - Cape SchankClass - WaaugLanguage - Būn-wor-ung

Name of the tribe - (7) Ngarūk-ilumLocality - DandenongClass - BunjilLanguage - Woë-wor-ŭng

Name of the tribe - (8) Būn-worŭng Locality - MordiallocClass - BunjilLanguage - Būn-wor-ŭng

Name of the tribe - (9) Gūnŭng illum balluk Locality - Mt MacedonClass - BunjilLanguage - Woë-wor-ŭng

Name of the tribe - (10) Būthera balluk Locality - SeymourClass - BunjilLanguage - thagŭng-wor-ung

Name of the tribe - (11) Waring ilum balluk Locality - Yea RiverClass - BunjilLanguage - thagŭng-wor-ung

Name of the tribe - (12) Yiran-ilum-balluk Locality - Goulburn River, Seymour to BenallaClass - BunjilLanguage - thagŭng-wor-ung

Name of the tribe - (13) Ngūr-ai-ilum-balluk Locality - MurchisonClass - BunjilLanguage - ngurai-wor-ung

Name of the tribe - (14) Ben-ben-dora-balluk Locality - MorupnaClass - BunjilLanguage - ?

Name of the tribe - (15) Wŭdtha-wurŭng-balluk Locality - GeelongClass - BunjilLanguage - Wudtha-wor-ung

[14 insert here]

Column 5 - Remarks - Terŭn = white gum treeballuk = people a number ofWoë = noWillŭm or ilum = campNira = cave or hole a bankthagun = noyan-[tung?] = stone būn = nongarūk = stones

A My informants stated that the people were either bunjil and waaug as far as the Avoca River [crossed out - where] beyond which the people were [Ganulih?] and [Krokitch?]. To the north eastward along the flanks of the mountains and up the rivers as far as the Buffalo River Bunjil and Waaug also extended. [Similar?] they extended to [crossed out - about] near Colac.

To this I may add that [Gamuch?] & [Krokitch?] extended over the extreme north west of of Victoria [?] Mt [Gambier?] (1) On the upper Ovens, the Kiewa, the Mitta Mitta Rivers I have found that the classes were [Matiau?] (Eaglehawk) and Yuthembrŭk (crow) thus [?] in [law?] confirming the statements of my Kulin informants.

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hw0429 Questions for William Berak



48 What does Ngama-jet mean

49 [crosssed out - maming - ngŭla][crossed out - mamma - thŭma]their father - pluraltheir father - dualyour father - pluralyour father - dual

[5 crossed out]Jajowrong - (1) [k - crossed out] Leak-a-bulluk(2) Pill-awin - goondetch}-(3) Kalk-Kalk-goonditch between Loddon + BendigoDaylesford (4) Wong-hŭrra-ghee-rar-goondetchalready done Castlemaine (5) gal-gal-[goondich - crossed out] bulluk - Maryborough(6) Tow-nar-bur-lar goondetch(7) Way-re-reong goondeetch -}stone quarry in their country

50 Bunjil = Krokage}Waa = Kubitch} Framlingham

1 Bunjil = {[??] gal gal bullukWaa = 2 gamut [??]They say that all the Jajowrong were mixed up - of (1) + (2)

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hw0171 Boultbee to Howitt 5/10/1884



as I have seen blacks from there andheard them talking with Boulka Blacks.Tantooka is a Wilya term for Devilit is also used among the Tongarankas"Toolika tantooka boree" = useless whitedevil.

Judging from your remarks upon the messagestick and from what I can gather, I canhardly think now that they are bona fide letters, but are simply aids to memory. Icannot see how the notches can conveyany idea as to persons or locality. The opossumstring may convey an idea of the objectand although they tell me that the sticksare bona fide letters, I am not now of thatopinion.

In regard to the Chieftainship I thinkthat the Physical strength and ability of [Monkey - crossed out] Sampsonwas the reason. Bendigo was passed over. Theremay have been other reasons, but as yetI have not ascertained them.

I enclose you some papers relatingto relationship that you sent me some timeago I have filled them in so far as I havebeen able. I am afraid I am sending you very poor + meagre information this

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