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hw0419 Wotjobaluk Notes, Songs, Maps etc



5Notes on tribes River Murray +c

Victorian side(1) in the [Loddon - crossed out] plains from Mt Hope to the Murray the - B + WWamba-wamba - also had at least the lower part of [?Bully?] ck(2) in Loddon up to Boort the Bureppa-bureppa - whojoin the Jajauwrong at Boort- B + W(3) Reedy lake - Bura-bura - M + K(4) Swan Hill to Pyangil - Wati-wati - M + K(5) Pyangil to Euston - Weike-weiki - M + K(6) Euston to Kulkyne - Leichi-leichi - M + K(7) Kulkyne to Wentworth - grangema M + K(8) Wentworth to Goolwa - Yakoma in M + Kboth side of the Murray - M + K

N.S.W. side(1) From Moulamein down to Balranald with Murrayfor south boundary the Barabba BarabbaNote the Barabba - barabba are said to be very nearly the sameas the Bureppa-bureppa - in the Loddon River(2) The Mutti-mutti from Balranald to Euston(3) The Tatathi from Euston to Wentworth

Notes The Boora-boor and the Watti-watti boundaryout [??] near the Tyrell creek + Lake Tyrell[of the - crossed out] A line drawn from [the P - crossed out] Lake Tyrrel to Yellamjipneatly went of Lake Tyrel [and - crossed out] defines the boundary south of the Laichi-laichi

The Boundaries of the Jajoworung were approximatelythe following[N N creswick Boort - crossed out] Boort, Watchem, WatchemBy the Avoca [River + ?? - crossed out] River to Redbank - thento Natty Yallock, Creswick, Daylesford, Castlemaine[Jim Crow - crossed out] Maldon - BoortThree of the lesser divisions of the tribe were:(1) Headquarters at St Arnaud (Warr)

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hw0391 Notes by Howitt on Kulin from Barak



54JajowrongOn the N west side of Mt Macedon and about Kyneton were the Gal-gal-Ballŭk – Their [the - crossed out] Ngŭnŭngeit partner of Capt. Turnbull, wasKing Bobby. If Capt Turnbull wanted to bring some people up from further north he would tell King Bobby who would send the word to them. All these people were Kūlin.

Another Jajowrong tribe was the Learga bŭllŭk who lived on the sources of the Campaspe.The Kalk Kalk goondeich [at the - crossed out] near the Gal Gal Bulluk; the Wŭrŭng-hŭra-gerŭng-bŭlluk lived also near the Gal gal bulluk. The Gal Gal būllŭk lived west of Mt Macedon about Kyneton. The Tonembur-laug-gūndeith lived in the upper Loddon River[and the - crossed out] These all spoke the Jajowrong language Williams language is Weyworŭng.

Boundaries of the Urŭndjeri

Up the Salt water river to near Sunbury then to the centre of Mt Macedon, thnce round the sources of the Salt water river, [striking off - crossed out] then along the[Northwards a little beyond Kilmore; then across - crossed out] Dividing Range to [by - crossed out] the source of the Plenty River – round the watershed of the Yarra River; the northern slopes of the Dandenong Mountain, by [??] creek [across between Gardners Creek - crossed out] to the north of Nunawadingto Gardners Creek; then down the Yarra to [Hobsons - crossed out] the Saltwater River.Emerald Hill and Sandridge belonged to the Coast blacks who extended round from Geelong.

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269William Berak says furtherBeyond Mt Macedon were the Jajaurong about Kyneton near the Gal-gal-Balluk. Another Jajaurongtribe were the Learga balluk on the sources of the Campaspe.The Kalk-Kalk-goundich were near the Gal gal ballukThe Wŭrŭng – hŭra – gerŭng- balluk lived near the gal-gal-balluk, who lived near Kyneton.The Tonem-burr-laug-gourndich lived on the Upper Loddon River.

These all spoke the Ja-jau-rong (worŭng?) language – William Berak's language being Woi-worŭng.

Billibileri’s sister was Waa and was married to a man of the Kūrnŭng illum who was Bunjil. This man’s son was the “nephew” who helped Billibileri to take care of the Tomahawk quarry. The Kūrnŭngillum extended up to near Daylesford and also had the west half of Mt Macedon – the East half belonged to the Urŭnjeri (Berak's tribe) ——___________________________________________

The Yaúangillum lived in the country between Mt Macedon, Heathcote and Kilmore, they were Waa and spoke Thagūn-worung.

The Yirauillum also lived on the Goulburn Riverbelow Seymour and were Bunjil – these people got their wives from the NeribalukThe Benbendora-baluk lived near Mooroopna(near Shepparton on the Goulburn) were all Bunjil.

The Gal-gal balluk belonged to the Jajaurong people

The Būrong balluk (Būrong = string) lived on the Avoca about Nattyallock and were all BunjilThe Leaura-gūra-balluk lived round themountain where Parker's station was and were all Bunjil

[written in left side margin]

Probably the outside Bunjil people towards the Murray.

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