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6into smaller Tribes, sub dividedby some unaccountable may -

In answer to your question re thetranslation of the Tribal names.1st Auminie from the Dieyerie word[?aumuni?] to sit to reside. Placeof abode.

2nd Yarawaurka from the Dieyerieroot "yara" this side, the nearest side, i.e. (this side of the River not theother side) waurka from the Dieyerieword "wurra" belonging to, of thisthe litteral [sic] translation for Yarawa-urka is "Belonging to this side".

If it was of the other side, thenit would [sic] "Yerawaurka". Pleasenote the differences in the [??]of the two words, the e is substi-tuted instead of the a. Yara meaningthis side and Yera meaning the opposite

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