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hw0418 Howitt Notes on Wotjobaluk



ngurn - Bull antJallan

Boora-Boora - [Moama at - crossed out] Swan Hill+ Lake BogaNSW Baraba-Baraba - NS SW [?montene?]3V Watty Watty - TyntynderV Waiky-waiky - way-ki-way-ki nextV Litchy Litchy - after it on NS - Ta tathiV Darty Darty -Yairy-yairy - ngari-ngari-NSW sideMutti-mutti

Wathi Wathi-Th-tha-puliJa-la-the-Tulonggerangamin -next to Leitchi-LeitchiYakumaWati Watiwoman- Leourgi yƫangaman - Wong-i to Goolwafrom yua-no

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hw0135 From Cameron to Howitt 8/05/1885



the tribe located here.It is called Bura-Burabraor shortly Burabra (the a likeah) and I think I rememberyou have some notes inreference to it. The Burabrais a very large tribe extendingfrom say Mathoura (betweenDeiliquin and Moama)on the south and [??]

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